About Me

Well... well... well...

OK, you can call me Emmyboy because that is what I 'forced' all my (real and imaginary) friends to call me. If you don't like it, then call me Boyemmy. You are still saying the same thing.

I don’t know exactly what you want me to tell you about me but all the same, I’d still try.

I don’t know if I should start by telling you that I strongly believe there is always a funny side to whatever happens to us in this life, and I am always more than ready to explore and exploit that angle like I am already doing with this humor magazine or blog or whatever you will feel like calling it?

Maybe I should also add that I just love to laugh which implicitly implies that you can NEVER trust me not to laugh (at you) when I see a very good opportunity to laugh, for example if and when I see you fall down from your seat because you were dozing while others were listening to the boring Sunday sermon, even if others are not laughing?

(But don't worry about that because since it's you, I won't laugh out loud. It's a promise!)

Or…lemme see, maybe I should also tell you right now that my ulterior motive here is to keep you entertained by giving you an insight into what goes on in my mind - those odd and strange crazy things I always read about, dream about and always imagine most of the time.

What else do you want to know about me?

Um...I don't just know again but I believe that if you stick around long enough, you might find out that I am just that highly imaginative type of guy who wouldn't hesitate to jump in immediately just to experience an unending, refreshing and unadulterated fun with you anytime any day.

And that is exactly what it is going to be for us right here!

But you know what...?

Like I always like to say, don’t ever count on it!

Ahem...before I forget, if you ever feel like contacting me in the future, you can send in your goodwill messages, suggestions, wedding invitations, birthday party invitation, recharge card vouchers, invitation to silver and golden jubilees etc. to myemmyboy@gmail.com.

I am also open to receiving stuffs like donations (in all currencies), gift cards, flight tickets, crazy ideas, business deals, free medicare, sauna, c0nd0ms, body massages, chickens and even your complaints.

Just so you know but don't tell anyone, I have been obsessed with the idea of travelling to the moon and to Jupiter. So if you can make that happen, I will be so so so grateful. 

Thank you.


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