A Lesson On Perseverance

My father summoned me.

“My son, please sit down there, there’s something very important I want to tell you,” he began.

I never liked it whenever he calls me and tells me to sit down. Lord knows, I’m never prepared for the long boring tales/advice/or whatever he has in his mind that he wants to let off.

So when he summoned me, I almost wished I could just disappear.

But I didn’t… couldn’t.

So I just dragged myself to meet him and then slowly sat down on the seat he was pointing to.

And then he began…

My son, today I want to tell you a very important story on perseverance.

Oh… fück, not today…

But I still managed to focus while seriously praying and hoping that he will just go straight to the point while at the same time keeping the story short.

There was once a man who bought acres of diamond rich land. He dug the land for so many years in search of the so called diamonds.

He got nothing.

So he got tired.

And so he gave up and stopped digging.

Off to the farm! Diamonds, diamonds, where are you?!
Having totally lost all hope of ever getting any diamond in the land, he finally sold off the land to someone else and moved to another place in search of… diamonds, of course!

The man who bought the land from him started digging the land.

Believe it or not, he didn’t dig that far and he hit the jackpot—a large amount of diamonds!

“So you see my son, the first owner of the land lost out so much even though he was so close to getting the treasure just because he didn’t persevere enough, and that’s the moral of the story,” my father concluded.


I was so relieved and happy the story was really short this time around but then again, I wasn’t entirely satisfied.

You see, there’s this thing with my father.

I don’t know why but I have this idea that he has this idea that I’m not that smart.

Probably, he has forgotten that just four days ago, he told me that we will be going to our farm to till the soil tomorrow.

Now, he’s telling me this story of a man who was digging the soil but couldn’t locate the diamonds in the land that could have totally transformed his life by making him so wealthy just because he didn’t persevere enough to dig the whole land before selling it off.

Probably, he thinks I wouldn’t make the connection.


If my father really thinks that I am going to fall for his tricks by tilling the whole farmland which actually happens to be a large expanse of land tomorrow just to prove (to him, maybe) that I can persevere to the end no matter the challenges, then he’s got to be kidding me… no, actually, he’s got to be kidding himself.

Dammit! 🙎

Find x...

I saw this on a friend's Facebook wall.

'twas very funny to me.

I hope it will be for you too.

Find x indeed!!!

The girl's reasoning: "How can you ask me to find x when it is there starring at you!?"

You wouldn't blame the poor girl though!

The Perfect Chatting Keyboard for Most Nigerian Girls!

Hmm... kk... haha!
Funny indeed!

They say the average Nigerian girl is completely clueless on what to say during chats.

What could be the cause for this?

If you find out why, please don't fail to tell me 'cause I'm baffled too!


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