How to Buy Books On OkadaBooks

For so many book lovers all over Africa, OkadaBooks is the next best thing after Google that ever happened!

Sadly, so many people both writers and readers alike don’t even know about this wonderful app.

So what exactly is OkadaBooks?

The shortest description I can give you is that OkadaBooks is an online e-reading app that is used for reading things like novels on your phone or tablet.

OkadaBooks is basically an Android app (although I read somewhere there is now a version for Apple and Windows operating system) so you have to install it on your Android device before you start making use of it.
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So many books are available on OkadaBooks and most of them are very cheap while some are even free!!!

O Yes!

You can easily ‘purchase’ books from your favorite authors for as low as
N1 and start reading them immediately.

In this article, I am going to show you exactly how to do just that.

Before we start, I will also like to inform you that posting your book on OkadaBooks is free for authors. So if you’ve written a book (or if you know someone who has written a book) and you want the whole world to hear about it, OkadaBooks could just be that solution you have been looking for.

You see, OkadaBooks is like our own Amazon Kindle or Smashwords which is why I said earlier that this is good news for African book lovers because you can simply write your book and publish it for your audience to start reading immediately thus saving you a lot of time and cost of production and distribution in the process.

Alright. That's about that. So let’s now get down to business before you start thinking OkadaBooks is paying me to promote them (which I so much wish they were)!

So let’s start...

Install Okadabooks app
Head off to Google PlayStore right away and download the app. Just follow the normal process of installing Android apps. Here’s the link: Download OkadaBooks app.

OkadaBooks app on PlayStore
Downloading & Installing...

When installation is complete, you can open the OkadaBooks app to run it as you usually run any other Android app. When the app opens, you might see a page that looks like this:
Click on the MENU button (those 3 horizontal lines at the top left corner) just beside Store as you can see highlighted (IN RED) in the picture above. You will be using this MENU button every time to navigate through the OkadaBooks app.

Clicking on that Menu will show you something like this:
Click on Sign In to sign in...

Enter your username and password and then click SIGN IN to sign in if you are not a new user i.e. if you have already signed up before and gotten your username and password. You can equally sign in with your Facebook details too...
But if you are a new user, then you will need to Click on Sign Up for free to register your username and password. The Sign Up page looks like this:
Sign Up Page
Just enter your email address. Also choose your username and password and enter them in the place provided. Then click on SIGN UP and you are done with signing up.

You can now always sign in with your username and password anytime you want to make use of OkadaBooks app.

Very simple.

Now you are ready to get the book/s you are looking for but...

Before you can do that, remember, you need to have some money in your OkadaBooks account so that you can easily purchase the books you want any time you want.

So let’s briefly talk about how to fund or refill your OkadaBooks account.

You can fund your OkadaBooks account in a variety of ways. To see the various options, just click on the MENU at the top left corner.

Then click on Account/Refill to see all the methods you can use to fund or refill your OkadaBooks account:
As you can see, you can use so many methods to fund your OkadaBooks account. The Etisalat Airtime method happens to be the easiest method (for me) so let me just focus on that.

Fund OkadaBooks account with Etisalat Airtime
Just buy your Etisalat recharge card. Sign in to your OkadaBooks account if you're not already signed in.

Click on the Menu button. Then click on Account/Refill. Etisalat Airtime(Nigeria) is the usually the first option already chosen for you so no need selecting it again.

Just enter the 15-digit number of your Etisalat recharge card in the space provided as seen below:
Then click OK and that's that!

You will see a confirmation page like this:
Your OkadaBooks account will be funded at once!

Congratulations!!! You are now ready to purchase the books you love to read!!!

That was too simple, wasn’t it?

Good. Let’s continue...

Oh, sorry, I almost forgot. There's a 5% VAT charges applied when you fund with Etisalat Airtime. Therefore, if you funded your OkadaBooks account with N100 Etisalat recharge card, you will actually be getting N95, so take note of that small deduction whenever you are about funding or refilling your Okadabooks account, okay...?


You can also find out more about other methods of funding or refilling your OkadaBooks account here: how to Refill my OkadaBooks account.

Alright. Let's continue now...

Search for books you want
There are so many books already on OkadaBooks and more are being added every blessed day!

Thus finding that particular book you want may not be as simple as you might have wished.

But not to worry. From my own experience, I have discovered that the easiest method I normally use to get the books I want on OkadaBooks is to search for the book by searching for the author’s name.

So let me now show you how I normally search for the books by using the author's name.

First of all, click on the MENU button.

Then Click on Store. Just locate the SEARCH icon at the top right corner like I have highlighted (IN RED) in the picture below and click on it:
Then enter the author’s name. For example, if you want to buy Daniel Nkado's The Village Girl or Diary of A Sinful Daughter & Other Stories, then you will simply type in 'daniel nkado' in the space provided as shown below:
Then click on DONE or NEXT button on your Android keyboard to initiate the search. 

The search result will show you all the books that Daniel Nkado has on OkadaBooks as shown below:
You can now click on the particular book you want to purchase to get more information about the book such as a brief summary or description of the book, the genre, or the price of the book.

You can then click on BUY button to make your purchase if you have enough fund in your account.

And that's that!

Similarly, if you want to see all the books I have on Okadabooks, you can type in 'Emeka Onwuka' in the search area, then click on DONE and you might see something like this:
Note that you can easily locate all my books on Okadabooks by simply visiting or clicking on this direct link.


So What Next?

Now you have purchased the book you want, all you have to do is click on the MENU button. Then go to My Books and click on it. You might see something like this:
Of course, yours might not look exactly like mine unless we are purchasing and reading the same books but all the same, I know you get the idea.

The main thing is that you will see the books you have purchased when you go to My Books. You will also see the books that are on your Reading List if you click on the Reading List tab.

Now click on the book you have just purchased to download it into your Reading List.

For example, let's say I want to "purchase" Oladoyin Oluaderounmu's Ideal Husband. As you can see from the image below, the price of the book is N0.

Wow! Isn't that great! I told you, you can get some of your favorite books on Okadabooks at a very affordable price and you didn't believe me!!!

Ha ha ha!
After clicking on BUY and making the purchase, if I navigate to My Books, I will see the book will now appear in my Purchased:
To start reading the book, I will simply click on it to download it first. I will then see a page like this:
I will click OK to download the book into my Reading List. As you can see, the size of the file is 0.1mb. When the download is through, I can now click on the book to start reading it immediately.

And this is the very first page of the book:

So as you can see, it's very simple to purchase books from OkadaBooks.

So go ahead and get those book by your favorite (Nigerian) authors you really love to read.

Remember, readers are leaders!

Happy reading. 


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