You Are G.A.Y!

Oh yes, you read me right!

You are gäy!

Sorry. But that's true. You don't know it but that's okay. Don't take the news hard. Don't just panic now.


The good (or bad) news is that everyone is! It doesn't even matter whether you are male or female. You are gäy! So fückïng gäy!

You don't believe me?

Okay... listen! I'm gonna prove you wrong very soon!

Listen. Gäys (as in gäy guys) want men, right?


And you are a woman... who wants a man, right?

See where I'm going...?

Lёsbians want women, right?

And you are a guy who wants to be with... what?

Women, of course!

So let me now build my case with the following premise.

Since a lёsbian wants to be with a woman, methinks it is safe to say that any person who wants to be with a woman is a lёsbian.


Similarly, since gays want to be with men, it wouldn't be out of place, using the same logic, to implicitly state that any person who wants to be with a man could be gäy.

So there you have it!

I told you, didn't I? It doesn't even matter where you stand or which side you 'think' or 'feel' you belong.

You are so gäy!

Okay, you still don't believe me yet, huh?


Let's move over to your Facebook profile right now. Let's take a look at the place it says: Interested in

How did you write yours?

Men and women, right?

You see!

I told you!

Ha ha ha!


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