Continuation of Chapter 18 of IFY- A Romantic Thriller..

Something about her demeanor got me thinking of certain things I would have loved to tell her. First, I would have loved to tell her that sometimes she just has to accept that sәx is not everything. I would have also loved to tell her to learn to change her style because predictability kills the fun of the game but I didn’t do any of that because I was already considering what it would be like to have my first office sәx experience.

I offered her a seat. She thanked me, pulled the seat and sat down, and then she beamed her wonderful smile at me but my mind wasn’t there.

As I watched her seated opposite to me, a strange thought about this thing called attraction occurred to me. I couldn’t believe that there was a time when I was actually willing to build a relationship with this girl seated across from me. Once again, it struck me as surprising how a woman suddenly looks so plain and ordinary when you have no atom of feelings for her anymore.

In my mind, I was already thinking of how I was going to take her. I recalled that I once thought she was a hööker. Well, you know what now Sandy baby? You are just like a hööker to me now!

She might think she knew a lot about me but I guess she would never know that I am a very good actor and I can always pretend and act the part of a forgiving lover even though she was no longer on my mind. As from now, I am going to continue to use her like a hööker until she gets the message and drops out of the picture. That’s my game plan now. I could see and feel Eze patting me on the back, like a very proud father, while nodding and grinning from ear to ear at the same time.

So when she smiled at me, I smiled back at her. I found it amusing that she didn’t know how to proceed. Was she surprised that I was no longer showing any signs of anger towards her? Of course, I was no longer angry with her. I forgive very easily. I don’t forget very easily. That’s me.

I didn’t want to make it any easier for her so I kept mum as we stared at each other for a while. Then she slowly stood up, left her seat and started coming over to my own side of the desk. God, I knew it!

She motioned to me indicating that she wanted to sit on my laps. With all eagerness, I quickly shifted to make some space for her. She shifted herself into a more comfortable position and started caressing my face lovingly. I loved the way she was trying to entrap me with her deep look. I loved the feel of her soft palms as she languorously caressed my face and stroked my goatee. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply to allow her sweet perfume and feminine scent waft into my nose. In spite of myself and the angst I felt towards her just a few days ago, I was beginning to get aroused. The curse of a man!

Then another exciting thought crept into my mind. What if we were caught? I knew I was allowing my impulsive nature to take control of me but yet again, I felt so joyously helpless because I was already envisaging the type of fun it was going to be. It was for this same reason that I often like to take certain inexplicable risks because doing so always feels like an adventure to me.

My heart was now thumping so fast. I was ready to take her now! It was now a question of how fast can we make it before someone else walks through that door and sees us doing it. The feeling that we could be interrupted or caught at anytime even made the whole idea more thrilling. That means I will not bolt the door. Wow, double fun now!

I could feel the usual pangs from the thrills I get from being completely reckless at times flowing through me right now as adrenalin pumped madly all over my body.

“Chux, I’m very sorry for everything,” she finally said in a very tiny but seductive voice as she kissed me fully on the lips. No problem, I will wipe the lipstick smears off later. Right now, my only thought was to get things started. She was ready too, I could see that.

I hurriedly shifted my laptop to one side to create some space on the desk before I quickly lifted her onto the desk. That will be that about dating website database design for now. I have some more important stuff to attend to right now.

Her legs were spread apart. Her bunched up skirt revealed her sparkling white pantiәs. It was going to be a quïckïe quite alright. I was encouraged by the eagerness I could see in her eyes as she searched my face. I know you are wondering the kind of man I am. Just keep wondering, girl!

As my hungry mouth came down on hers, I removed my hands from her breasts which I was already squeezing to unfasten my belt and zipper to free my hardened member from its cage. My hand dropped on her laps, searching until it found her panties. I quickly shifted the pantiәs to one side and forcefully penәtratәd her. She gasped. I started thrusting powerfully into and out of her so fast with a part of my mind still concentrated on the door and the other part concentrated on what we were doing. It was a very wonderfully heavenly feeling for us heightened by our combined struggle to prevent any noise from getting out, save for the occasional animal grunts.

It was over in four minutes. Wow! Oh my… my first office sәx and it was really so much fun! Whew! As I collapsed and leaned back on my seat to catch my breath and allow the euphoria so generated run through my nerves and senses, I watched her happy face. Obviously, she thought she was on her way of winning me back. You’ve got to be kidding me, girl!

She slowly stood up from the desk and started to straighten her rumpled cloth. She was still smiling at me, sheepishly though. I was expecting her to ask me for my keys. She didn’t rather she said in a very suggestive tone, “Do you want me to come back here again?”

We exchanged some lustful glances. Dâmn it! She, is, a seductress! And a temptress too!

I nodded almost immediately, with a mischievous glint in my eyes.

She smiled knowingly at me. “Okay, I will. Come and see me off… please.”
I stood up. Whew! I was feeling a little bit dissipated but I still managed to be on my feet. We kissed and I took the hand she stretched forward to me and started leading her away from the office.

As we walked through the reception lobby, I could feel Lucy’s eyes burning through my back. Maybe she knew what we just did? I got that feeling because of the way she avoided my eyes. Well, let her think whatever she wants. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a free world and a man can do whatever he wants to do with his girl anywhere and anytime he wants, or can’t he do that anymore?

After Sandra was gone, I came back to my office and sat down. I knew Sandra was a devil. Somehow, it crossed my mind that she was going to destroy me if I allowed this to continue. It was only a question of when—and how. But I also managed to convince myself immediately that I was completely in charge and, besides, it was too early to kill the fun.

I pulled my laptop towards me and resumed from where I stopped, while still feeling the thrills and passion of the past few minutes flowing in my blood. It was a new experience for me and I always enjoy getting new experiences.

She came back two days later and we played out the same scene. She just sat astride me and we did the deed. I waited for her to request to come back to my place but she didn’t. I then recognized her new style because I could now see it so clearly. Obviously her plan was to make me to plead for her to come back to me. Well, Sandy baby, we shall see how that happens.

But at the same time, I could also see she was just having fun. Who knows, maybe she’s just a thrill seeker like me?

I was wrong.

The fourth time she came, as we were chatting, she suddenly stood up and came over to my side. This time around, she didn’t want to sit on my laps anymore but rather she sat on the desk.

Her legs were wide opened just enough for me to catch a glimpse of her inner troves. Bad girl! She wanted me to see that she wore no pantiәs today!

We started whispering sweet nonsense to each other and kissing intermittently. I could see it was not going to be a quickie today. She needed the romance and the forәplay even if it meant using soft words and caresses alone. Anyway, anything she wants… count me in.


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