Continuation of Chapter 17 of IFY - A Romantic Thriller...

But then again, why wouldn’t I like her when she was an enigma and such a sәx bomb in the bed. She was so good in bed that I once jokingly asked her, after a marathon r0und of sәx one night, if she wasn’t actually mastering sәx in UI. She laughed and told me that she was actually planning on doing that in her PhD!

I told her I wouldn’t mind to be the lecturer who will take her in the course Practical Fuck0l0gy and I would make sure she never graduates because I will definitely keep failing her just to make sure she keeps repeating the course. She couldn’t stop laughing that night.

She was really wild and she approached sәx religiously—almost like it was sort of a game to her. She was never shy as she showed no inhibitions. She knew all the thrilling positions and the bed was no longer our favorite playing field because she was ready to do it with me anywhere – the bathroom, the kitchen, on top of my desk, on the floor, nowhere was spared!

With her,sәx was a complete pleasurable act of giving and receiving. In short, she knew how to make a man to always keep coming back and begging for more.

In the first two to three weeks days she lived with me, I was always happy waking up in the morning and also whenever it was time for me to go from the office because although I always had an idea of what would be waiting for me in the house, I didn’t exactly know what it was actually going to be like.

On my way back from work, I will keep on fantasizing and visualizing what she was going to come up with. She was very unpredictable and I liked that so much. This was very thrilling to me because I love surprises so much and nothing could be more thrilling than knowing that I could never guess what she was going to come up with.

Sometimes she would be standing by the door waiting for me. It was always a pleasing sight, opening the door and watching her dressed in her birthday suit and giving me that coy look from under her eyelashes. And from there, we would launch into action immediately with no time to waste.

Some other times, I would be treated with a striptease entertainment. Sometimes she would be so passive and I will have to do all the work to coerce her into action. We might even have to go out and get ourselves drunk before she will get into the mood.

She was like that. So different. So complex. So sәxy. So amazing. So intriguing. So seductive. So… so… so… what’s that word again…?

Our days usually began and ended like that. And it was so good…
Until she dramatically changed.

I can’t say I knew exactly what came over her but she changed so drastically. I didn’t see it coming but she started complaining about everything that you can possibly imagine. If it wasn’t something I did, then it would be something I didn’t do. I tried to figure out what her game was but I couldn’t.

First, she started complaining about being so lonely. She said that she didn’t like the fact that I would leave her all alone in the house while I will be outside catching all the fun.

She didn’t actually say I was cheating on her but I got a similar message from the way she would often sound and insinuate things in her complaints. I hate it when a woman levels such an accusation towards me when I am completely innocent, most especially.

Her frequent complaints started getting to me. I told her that she could come with me to the office if she thought I was having all the fun all by myself. Of course, I didn’t tell her that she could always go back to her aunt, or to her friends, or better still, back to Ibadan, anytime she wants but I had it in mind to tell her so.

I also installed a MyTV satellite decoder and paid for the subscription so that she could watch the telly, if she so wish, while I was away. She liked it at first and rewarded me by putting up with what I could have easily described as her best performance in the bed ever only that she could always surprise you by coming up with more.

Then I noticed a pattern was beginning to develop. She would nag. We would have a small fight. Then we will make up with my complying with her requests. Then she would reward me with good sәx. It was clear to me that she was now using sәx as a weapon but I couldn’t do anything again to stop it. You would not believe it but like I mentioned earlier, I was also beginning to like her—and her subtle controlling ways.

I saw her in a different light. Most of the women I have known in my life tend to quickly fall in love with me and get attached too soon. They often come on too strong too. Sandra was quite different. She got me wondering if I wasn’t actually losing my touch.

I knew our relationship was defined along the lines of a rebound but I still felt there is the need to know if something could actually develop from there. Not that I wanted a relationship with her right away anyway but then again, why not… why shouldn’t I? She was smart, funny, intelligent, versatile, sәxy, fun, interesting, wild, strange…

But I was seriously troubled by the fact that she was no longer interested in flirting with me, at least, as much as she was doing before. Somehow, she managed to give me this feeling that she was not feeling me again and that really baffled me. I couldn’t ascertain if her recent lack of interest in me was because she was still feeling something for her guy who jilted her. But it can’t be because she never mentioned him again to me.

So one evening while we were watching a love scene playing out on Super Story, she blurted out her mind and said, “I only pity women who fall in love…”

She was referring to the scene were a lady was desperately trying to get back her man who had left her for another woman. I took notice immediately.

“How do you mean?” I asked, clearly interested in her answer.

“Can’t you see it? Men are not just worth it!” she blasted.

I wanted to ask her what she meant by that but it was self-explanatory so I allowed that to pass but there was a way she said it that really disturbed me. She was not only defiant; she was also resolute in her opinion. I could see she had completely given up on men and that really disturbed me. Are we really that bad? Somehow, I felt pity for her. She must have gone through a lot of pains in the hands of men.

Then and there, I resolved within myself that I am going to try to build a relationship with her and I’m going to reverse her thoughts and prove to her that men are actually worth it. I am also going to make her fall in love with me. I’m going to take away all her pains. No matter what it takes… 

I knew that was not my style. I knew that if Eze should ever hear my thoughts now, he would laugh his ass off but I didn’t care anymore. I could still hear Ify’s words reverberating in my head. You should be thinking about the future—your own future!

Yes, I should and that future starts now!


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