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I registered immediately the seductiveness in her mien. She must have applied a very sweet smelling perfume because she really smelled so good. Her nightgown was quite revealing. I could easily pick out where her nïpples were because she wore no brâ and I could also trace the outlines of underwear under the satin gown. My heart started to pound. I needed no prophet to tell me that she was in the mood.

She had a textbook with her. It was Modern Biology for Secondary Schools by Saronjini T. et al. She didn’t even wait for me to ask her why she came before she told me she just wanted to get away from her noisy niece and nephews who were making it hard for her to concentrate. Just like your erect nïpples are making it so hard for me to concentrate on what you are saying… 

She had a very good figure and she was looking so feminine and succulent. Something stirred in my trousers.

“Alright, come in,” I said as I gave way for her to pass. As she passed me, I allowed our bodies to make contact. She paused and looked at me as we exchanged some glances. I smiled. She came in and went straight to my desk and sat down.

She opened the textbook and started reading. I lay on my bed for good ten minutes but I couldn’t concentrate because I was so restless so I sat up. My heart was equally pounding so violently now. From where I sat, I studied her. I could feel the tension in her. It was obvious we were already playing a game of who will make the first move.

Finally, I made the first move. I gently stood up and moved to where she sat and pulled another seat and sat beside her. She looked up from her book and peered at me. I could see the hunger in her eyes. I guess she could see mine too. After we had gazed into each other’s eyes for quite some seconds, I felt her melting under my steady gaze. She was so vulnerable now.

I reached forward and touched her bööbs. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth slightly as a gasp escaped her lips. I gently squeezed and kneaded both of them for some good twenty to thirty seconds then I stood up and gently pulled her to myself. She came willingly. For want of something to say, I said in a very husky and trembling voice I could barely control, “Charity, maybe I should put that film?”

She looked at me languidly before plastering a wet kiss on my lips. We were slow at first, and then we increased the intensity as we explored our mouths, lips and tongues.

Then things got fiercer. We quickly tore off each other’s clothes before we tumbled into the bed, completely nâked. She wanted me. I wanted her. It was completely mutual. I soon discovered something else. Her sister was right. She wasn’t shy at all. She was only being coy.

I also noticed another thing. She might have been dull in her academics but on the bed, she was on a different plane. She was like a tigress. She liked rough sәx and I rode her ferociously.

When we finished, she told me she will be going before her sister would start looking for her. I told her I was going to sleep very well that night. She told me she was going to do the same. It sounded so funny to us so we both laughed at ourselves. I made to escort her. When we neared my door, she turned and gave me a naughty smile.

“I know you are not going to watch that bad film again? Because I know I have given you enough to think about me tonight in your dreams, right?”

“We shall see,” I returned.

She kissed me and left without her textbook. Well, well, well, I can’t say I really blame her. I understand. We all need excuses, sometimes. So much for escaping the noisy nephews and niece… 

In the morning, I watched out for the signs that Mama Chinwe was aware of what transpired between her sister and I last night. If she did, she didn’t show it so I didn’t notice.

We carried on like that for three months. I was working at the cybercafé then. Sometimes, I will steal some time from the office and return to the compound. Most people living in the compound were traders and civil servants so they normally leave in the morning to their various jobs and businesses thus giving us so much privacy.

I was really enjoying myself. She was such a wonder and so good in bed and she could go on for hours. Most times after watching together, we will become so stimulated and we’d act out our own scene.

In fact, we were now doing more bedmatics than mathematics. I also liked the way she served me with her wonderful tasty food after we’d made love. I liked the way she would normally curl up on the bed inside my arms as we studied ratios, percentages and fractions. I knew that if my secondary school mathematics teacher, Mr. Adamar, ever saw me in that position, I guess he would be so very much disappointed in me but I didn’t care. If he were to be in my position, I doubt if he would have done otherwise.

Then one day it happened.

I came back in the morning as usual. Soon, she joined me and we started smooching and caressing ourselves but when it finally came for me to penetrate her, I suddenly remembered I had run out of cöndöms. I told her we had to stop. She said it was not a problem and we can do it without protection.

Immediately, it was as if the haze suddenly fell off my eyes. An alarm rang somewhere in my head and I became wary, instantly. I felt like I was walking into a well laid trap.

I stepped back and took a very good look at her and all I could see was a bimbo. Then I looked beyond her into so many years in the future. This is exactly how it starts. I remembered the sad tales I’ve heard about so many men who were trapped into marriages that were doomed from the start because of such a reckless behavior like this that led to pregnancy.

I didn’t stop there. I quickly pictured myself as a husband trapped in a horrible unexciting marriage saddled with a very dull woman as a wife for life. I panicked as I saw myself as a dejected father returning home from work every blessed day for another sad date with his uninteresting wife and his, most likely, low IQ kids. The fact that she was sitting for her WAEC exam for the sixth time did nothing to assuage my fears.

At that one single moment, poof, and I disconnected from her! The desire was no longer there. I quickly excused myself and told her I was going to buy the condoms but I knew I was never coming back—to her—again!

She didn’t see it coming. All she noticed was that I now maintaining a safe distance from her. I stopped coming back in the morning. At nights, I was also unavailable—physically and emotionally.

She was shocked beyond words. She couldn’t understand what changed. She tried to make amends. She begged and pleaded and told me not to allow another girl come in between us. Then she told me she was now ready to study harder. It didn’t work. I was done. I was out. And there’s no going back.

At long last, she got the message and left me alone. I didn’t even know when she finished writing her exams and went back to Ihiala. I didn’t ask after her whereabouts. I was no longer interested.

All that happened almost nineteen months ago.

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Adapted from the novel Ify by Emmy Boy

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