New Book: IFY - A Romantic Thriller

Wow! Another book is out!!

This time around it is a romantic thriller titled IFY.

And as usual, it is strictly and purely written for your absolute entertainment in mind, not forgetting some very important life lessons too…

Ify - A Romantic Thriller by Emeka Onwuka
You can download it and start reading it now. It is available in all eBook formats.

You can start reading it today on Smashwords: Ify - A Romantic Thriller.

It is also available on with this link and available on with this link.

You can also get it on OkadaBooks to read it on your android device with this link.

Whichever one suits you…

So go grab it and let the fun begin!

One more thing, I am also looking forward to your reviews. So please you can drop your comments. I’ll so much appreciate…


Now, the story…

A romantic tale packed with suspense about a young man who hardly believes in love, who enters a bus, meets a pretty young lady, and has some thrilling, wonderful and exciting experience that completely alters his whole life


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