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This is announcing my latest book: Who Will Bail Us OutIt is a play that centers on the travails of one Nigerian family and it was written with your full entertainment in mind, not forgetting some important life lessons too…

You can download it and start reading it now for FREE. Yes, you can read it for free on Smashwords!

Just follow this link: Who Will Bail Us Out? to get started immediately!

It is available in many formats.

You can read it on Kindle if you have a Kindle device, or you can read on your PC is you have Amazon Kindle Previewer installed. You can also download the PDF file or you can just simply read it online.

Whichever one suits you…

So go grab it and let the fun begin!

One more thing, I am also looking forward to your reviews. So please you can drop your comments. I’ll so much appreciate…


Now, the story…
When Papa Edu, an experienced banker and the head of Okafor family knowingly helps a customer to obtain a loan in his bank where he works by standing in as the customer's guarantor, he thought he was doing himself and his family a lot of favor from the deal.
Problem started when the customer disappeared into thin air with the money leaving Papa Edu completely devastated and in a deep financial crisis which he desperately tried to shake off but failed.
With no hope in sight, he turned to his family for their support during the trying times which they willingly gave him.
But when they stumbled upon his unholy allegiance with a mysterious woman, they had a rethink and began to question his motives. Was he was actually involved in a financial mess or was he just looking for the perfect excuse to pave way for him to marry the mystery woman whom they suspected to be his secret mistress?
Strife, angst, suspicions, accusation and desperate counter maneuvers followed suit and in a desperate and hasty move to protect themselves from an impending future full of uncertainty, all the members of his family started to make their own plans in readiness to counter whatever ill-conceived plans their father had for them.

When the identity of the woman who has been at the center of the whole crisis was finally revealed, the whole picture became clear as everybody discovered how dangerously close they came to destroying the whole family—in one moment of madness!
What happens next? Did they survive or sink?

You just have to find out in the unfolding drama… 

Oho! Lest I forget, you can also grab a copy of this intriguing drama on Amazon Kindle. It’s just 99cents! Here's the link: Who Will Bail Us Out?


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