10 Reasons Why Women Don’t Like Sәx

Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced guy with women, I believe that as a man, you must have come to a certain point where you start wondering why is it that most women do not like sәx.

This got me pondering. There are so many things I couldn't understand about women when it comes to sәx. I couldn't decipher why it so happens to be like it is only the man who has to do everything for sәx to happen. And I couldn't also understand why the ultimate reward a man could get from a woman for being a ‘good boy’ has to be sәx.

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I find it bewildering that it is only on rare cases that a woman will set the scene for sәx to happen. Maybe when she’s really starved. Or when she wants to trap the guy with pregnancy? Or when she wants to set up the guy in a sәx scandal or something of that nature? Or sometimes, when she wants to ‘force’ the guy to fall in love with her…?

Apart from that, it is not just gonna happen.

Ahem…okay, except if you are lucky enough and you find yourself in that (un)lucky spot situations where she can’t help herself simply because she’s a nymph0.

But you will agree with me that that borders more of rare or abnormal situations. Meanwhile, I am talking about under normal circumstances. Why is it that women don’t seem to agree that sәx could be had just for the fun of it?

That really got me seriously wondering.


Why is it that women don’t seem to like sәx—at least as much as men like it. Is it the societal influence of a thing or is it that they like living in self-denial or what? Does it mean that they don’t find the act refreshing and invigorating? Or is it repulsing to them?

Should I take their often lackadaisical approach to sәx to mean that most of them do not know of the benefits of having sex daily? And I mean great benefits like decreased aging and the boosting of the immune system?


C’mon tell me, why is it that most women only have sәx for a reason? I mean, why is it that most women are so passive when it comes to sәx?

Why? Why? Why?

Well, trust me, I did my own research and I came up with the following answers. It might or mightn’t surprise you but the following are the reasons I could come up with why women do not like sәx.

Here, take a look.

Guys suck at it
Who doesn’t know that when it comes to sәx, guys are primarily after their own satisfaction? Call it selfishness. Call it impatience. Call it cluelessness and inattentiveness of a woman’s needs and desires. Call it whatever you like but that’s just the way it is.

Guys don’t care so much about foreplay. Guys don’t have the patience to get a woman into the mood. Guys don’t need so much stimulation most probably because their highly visual nature has obviously taken care of that.

It doesn't even get better for women because guys also have the prәmature ejacula.tion of a thing to battle with too.

One minute…two minutes…three minutes…

And then…aah!

The woman is like: So soon…?

And the guy is like: Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Ma’am!

Sorry girls but that’s guys for you.

So guys, don’t blame the women when you find out she acts like she doesn't want it. Guess what? You might be the cause why she doesn't want to play…oh yeah!

Can you imagine watching a very boring drama on TV? Or listening through a very boring and uninspiring Sunday sermon in the church?

Now imagine watching such a show or listening to such sermon even when you already know they are still much going to be so fµcking and monotonously boring.
If you can, then I believe you could easily imagine what it might mean to a woman if she’s going to do it with you knowing that you are never going to be a stud or a confirmed pro in the ring!

Women don’t climax - easily
It is a well known secret that most women do not reach 0rgasm mostly by penile penetration.

Women need 0ral or clit0ral stimulation. They need mental stimulation too. They need assurance. And then they need petting. Women need foreplay. Women, they need careful handling and pampering. They need an experienced guy. Women, they need this…they need that…

Oh my Gosh! Truth is they usually need more things to reach Eldorado.
Not so for guys as 0rgasm is always simple and very much straightforward and yeah, very much assured.

You can imagine the frustration that builds up in a woman when she has no way to let all that passionate energy that is so built up in her system out.

The best she can do is to fake it. Anyway they say fake it to make it but I’m so sure no amount of faking it will ever work because no fake can ever compare with the original.

Sәx comes too easy for them
You will agree with me that sәx comes too easy for a woman. She doesn't even have to do anything to get it.

At most, all it takes for a woman to have sәx is just to declare her interest and show her willingness and then she will have to fight the battle of keeping the long line of willing men waiting to have their turn to the barest minimum.

Like all pr0stitutes know, it doesn’t even matter if she’s going to be ascribed a slut for charging for it. Unless the girl in question is really ugly, has very poor hygiene, smells like shyte, looks very old, or is terribly disfigured, the guys are always certainly going to be there – hangin' in there - somewhere around the corner.

I think it’s just natural.

But then that’s the problem too. As I presume we all know, (most) people don’t really value what comes so easy or without any serious hard work.

I don’t know for sure but I think this could just be the simplest intrinsic reason why women don’t seem to value or cherish sәx as much as men because they don’t have the strangest idea how difficult it is for a man to have sәx.

I am talking about the pleading, the cajoling, the clowning, the teasing, the trickery…

No wonder Ninon De L'Enclos said that “Much more genius is needed to make love than to command armies.” I am also certain she was referring to guys when she said that.

Oh, I get it. So as a girl, you think a man is taking a woman out to have some fun just because he likes doing it? Or he’s spending his money on the woman and buying her all sort of expensive presents because he has nothing else useful to do with his money.

Oh c'mon girl, so you think he just decided to stay behind to watch your meaningless soap opera where he should have been out with other guys drinking beer, and watching football and freely mouthing off obscenities?

And you think he condones your childish drama queen attitude because it doesn't freak him out? And all of a sudden, he’s actin’ all nice because he’s such a nice guy?

Or even enjoys repeating and echoing “I love you” back to you like an automaton simply because he really and truly means and enjoys saying it? 

Oh spare me, please! If you think so, then you are not yet even as mature enough as to be reading this.

Of course, he’s doing and enduring all that because in his mind, he knows he’s working so hard with the hope of getting some of it in the end. It’s called basic human instinct. Don’t you know that hope is very powerful because what is hoped for always happens in the future which is always certainly uncertain?

Women know this very well and they wouldn't hesitate to use this advantage to a guy’s detriment?

But it doesn't end there.

Unfortunately for men too, it is not like women are completely clueless on why a guy is acting all nice and affectionate and gentlemanly. Of course, they already know or suspect the guy’s ulterior motive and the truth of the matter is that women don’t like it when a man has ulterior motives, most especially when that same ulterior move is not even a secret anymore.

This is because what is not secret is not mysterious is not adventurous is not fun.
And women just happen to like fun so much.

Fear based orientation
Most women have a very terrible and fear based orientation about sәx. From an early age, they start learning that sәx itself is very dangerous game to play.

With time this orientation sets in and the woman finds herself approaching the subject with sәx with great fearfulness and apprehension rather than with open-mindedness and expectant joy.

From a very early age, she has been taught it is dangerous. She has been lectured several times that the precious ‘gold’ she has in between her legs is the only way to keep a guy. She has been told, time without numbers, that guys are very dangerous and deceitful and they only thing they want from a girl is sәx. She is told that she will get pregnant if she ventures into it and she will die if she tries to abort the child. And from there, it’s straight to hell fire!

She is always reminded that sәxually transmitted diseases are so rampant. She is constantly being warned that her husband will value her more if he marries her a virgin. Worse still, she is taught that sәx is very very sinful – a very dirty act before God that she should be very shameful to even think about and not so proud to partake in.

You might be thinking it is now the 21st century and people should know better by now but I tell you, old habits and dogmas and practices die hard and some of those teachings, if not all, still persist to this day!

All in all, a woman grows up to see sәx as a very very dangerous exercise which should be best avoided rather than bear the ugly negative consequences.

The result: she wisely steers clear of anything that has to do with rubbing groins with a man.

Leaving a man to be constantly baffled and wondering why his tricks to get laid are not just working.

Ha ha ha…poor men!

So many women are insecure about their bodies. That’s the ugly truth. It is not surprising that there are some women who will only like to do it with a guy in the dark.

Ha ha ha.

They are afraid of so many things that will be revealed about them before, during, and after the sәx.

They may not tell you this but they are always conscious of how a guy might view them and they are wondering if he’s secretly comparing them with some other women or not in his mind.

They are scared that the guy might just freak out when he finds out that one brәast is bigger than the other or that her once magnificent breasts are now saggin’ or that she’s actually using a padded butt to aesthetically enhance her backside.

Simply put, they are afraid of what the guy is thinking.

They are also wondering about what they guy will think of their performance. They are afraid of how the guy will react if he eventually finds out that contrary to their initial show of disinterest, they actually like sәx so much.

Of course, no woman wants to be called a wh0re. But on the other hand, they are not comfortable with the fact that the guy might just discover how inexperienced they are. This is what I call a woman’s dilemma.

They are also wondering what they guy will tell his friends about her because they know or must have heard that guys do talk and even brag about such things. Who knows, they might even be laughing their sorry asses off behind her back!

Tee hee...tee hee...

They are so afraid of opening up and pleading or asking and/or telling the guy how to actually please them. What if he rejects and/or chastises her for being so gross and loathes her afterwards, most especially when so much is at stake?

They are wondering if the guy will still think them so special once he has seen them naked and after the deed is done. Of course, there is also this innate fear that the guy might just abandon them when it’s all over.

Now if you are girl and you happen to harbor some of such insecurities, I have got some good news for you.

Listen to me. Guys don’t care about those things – at least, not when they are in the mood!


But wait a minute…girl, take a closer look again at that wonderful lil piece of information I just gave now and you will see that it is also the bad news! Look at it a second time. Did you see it? Where I said something about when they are in the mood?

Yeah…I got you there!

Do you know what that means? I hope you do.

And do you know why I gave it you, girl? Of course, I did it to increase your insecurity. Yes, I know you should know by now that I’m just so so wicked. Serves you right for – for — you know — for doing what you've been doing  I mean, for withholding and/or withdrawing…

Ha ha ha.

Bargaining Chip
Women use sәx as a bargaining chip. No let me state it better, women are always using sәx as a bargaining chip. The official name for that condition is…is…wait…I've forgotten but promise I will tell you when I recall it.

Wives use it. Girlfriends use it. Concubines or mistresses use it. In fact, all women use it. No man is spared from such assault. Men are in trouble because they just happen to like sәx so much all thanks to their insatiable desire for sәx.

It even gets better for the women because they know they can always tempt men with that “see but don’t touch” attitude and get away with it without the risk of getting in harm’s way.

They know that men are expected to act like gentlemen and respect themselves – at all times – even when both the spirit and the body are completely weak.

But the best and worst thing about holding that type of power over men is that such power is very temporal and so frail. Let me explain.

A woman could always toy with a man’s sәxual desire for her but not for so long. She is aware that once she gives in, the man has won. But then she’s equally aware that if she holds out for longer than necessary, the man will either lose interest completely – or in certain situations, often as a desperate measure, take it by force.

Now, look at it this way. In all negotiations, the more bargaining chips you have the greater your chances of coming out victorious. So that means that women are also in trouble because they know the implication of having that type of power as their only bargaining chip. The emphasis is on only. And also the implication of losing it.

Now if a woman has only sәx as her bargaining chips, invariably she knows that she’s lost it when she plays her last card…or when they guy decides to look for the supply from other sources.

Too bad.

So any wise woman will always try to hold out as long as possible before playing her very last card.

Yesss, I’ve got it now. The official name is using-what-you-have-to-get-what-you-want!

In the meantime, they still keep guys dirty minds busy and functioning and entertained with the miniskirts, the revealing and plunging neckline low cut blouses with all those cleavages, the wiggling hips, the succulent looking painted lips, the smooth skin, the nice and shapely legs and curvaceous backsides often revealed in very tight clothes.

Oh my Gosh!

And they do this just to remind you of what you are missing or what you could get if you play your cards well.

Oh my Gosh Gosh Gosh!

Receiving is better than Giving
Now here’s the naked truth. Women are at the receiving end of the pleasurable game, right?


Look at it again. Men are actually at the receiving end of the pleasure. Don’t be confused about the way the whole act plays itself out.

It might seem as if the man is the one giving with all those forward and backward thrusting and jerking motion but actually, he is the one receiving.

Yes, it’s all about him! It has always been like that.

If you don’t believe me, take a second look at the last p0rn you watched and recall it from where you hid it in your memory. You tell me, didn’t the whole thing end immediately the man finished?

Of course, it did. And that will show you that it’s all about the man. He views it as his reward. His entitlement. His right. His pleasure. It's all about him!

Now let me ask you this question: would you rather be the one giving pleasure or the one receiving it?

Most people will not hesitate to say that they will always prefer to be at the receiving end simply because it is always easier and sweeter to receive pleasure than to give.

Excepting when you are on a revenge mission, then it is the other way round. And remember, this time around the sweet gift of revenge is pain!

Unfortunately, women also know this and they might just hate sәx for this same reason.

More options
What most guys don’t know or know but won’t like to believe is that women have more options when it comes to sәx.


Okay listen. First of all, if you recall, earlier I said sәx is easier to come by for women. What this simply means is that more options mean more variety and a whole lot of exciting stuffs like that.

Looking at it from another angle, do you think men frequent sәx toy shops to buy anything that will be useful to them? No. Do you think such sәx toy shops are open for business because of men? Again, no.

Apart from regular p0rn, most guys don’t have any need for sәx toys. All he needs is his workable shaft, a good eyesight and a well functioning imagination to set the ball rolling.

But women, they do. And again, that increases their options tenfold. For those women that staunchly believe that size matters, again she can then have the full liberty to fulfill all her fantasies and aspirations by trying out all different sizes without any fear of being adjudged promiscuous, if you know what I mean.

But it doesn’t even end there. I once read a report, (Of course you should know by now that I am always reading one sәx report or another. Needless to tell you now that I also find such readings very interesting, huh?), that bisәxuality is more readily expressed in women than in men.

According to the report, just like it is very hard to get a man who is truly a bisәxual, it is also very hard to get a woman who is truly heterosәxual. I am not suggesting anything here but they said that women’s sәxuality is quite fluid. Don’t quote me because I didn’t carry out that research. I am just echoing it and describing it like they described it.

A similar report also stated that it is only a woman that truly knows how to make l0ve to a woman. Sorry, but I can’t confirm or refute that at this time.

So what this could really means is that why a woman might be giving off the notion that she doesn't like or want to have sәx (with a man), there is every possibility that she’s always getting it from another woman.

It can be (so) painful
This doesn't need so much explanation. For some women, sәx can be a very very painful experience.

Some women are frigid so she can’t feel anything else except pains. Some women cannot lubricate well enough or at all so the frictional effects of all that grinding will always result to more and more pains for her. Some women might be just too tight there!

Some other women, for example women who were raped or abused, might have some psychological pains they are still having from their past which is still contributing to their seeing the whole exercise as a very painful experience.

For such women, sәx might actually be a no go area for them since they keep on wondering what makes other people to think the act is pleasurable.

But then...

It could be any reason
It’s very possible. You might just come across a woman who doesn't want to do it for so many reasons, you don’t even know or can’t comprehend.

Her reason/s could be ranging from a combination of some to all that we have mentioned so far.

I know I said ten but the truth is that there are so many other reasons why women don’t want to make it happen. There are in fact, millions and millions of reasons why a woman might hate sәx with a guy.  For example, she might be asәxual. Or she might just be a true lәsbian.

It might also be just plain phobia. And there are so many phobias out there. For example, she might be suffering from androphobia or arrhenphobia which is the fear of men or aphenphosmphobia or haphephobia which is the fear of being touched.

It might be nosophobia which is the fear of contacting diseases or even nudophobia which is the fear of nudity.

Chances are she might be affected by Medorthophobia which is the fear of erect penis. Or she might just be afflicted with the worst among them which is genophobia which is the fear of sәx itself.

Fact is, it could be anything. You never can tell.

There is also the possibility that she might want to reserve her virginity for one man, most probably her future husband. Or she might even be seriously nursing the thoughts of becoming a Catholic nun one day, who knows?

Anyway, whatever. You just don’t know why.

All you have to know is that women can be very complex thus confusing most of the time. It could be that she’s not feeling you or that you are not just her type.


There is also the very possibility that she is testing the man to see how committed and serious he can be with her. Remember, I mentioned something about bargaining chips, right?

The fact is that a woman can always come up with so many reasons why she doesn't want to get down and grind.

My advice for you as a guy is just to be very patient and very understanding. Patience works like wonder when it comes to women. Don’t rush. Take it slowly. Be a gentleman. I can bet you will always win. Remember, the patient dog eats the fattest bone, right?

In the meantime, let me give you a very helpful tip that works almost all the time with women. But you will need a lot of self control for it to work for you, okay?


If you come across a woman who doesn't seem like she want to give you some, you can start by acting as if you are not interested in such things. It is called reverse psychology.

This is why it works. She will want to know why you are so different. Or why you don’t find her sәxually attractive.

Don’t ever forget to spice things up by dropping hints that you might or might not be all that interested in making out with her. Occasional smooching and petting and is strongly advised so that she will not think you are gay or impotent.

Know also that it is so rare for a woman to come across a man who can play her by at her own game by making her to wait. She will want to resolve the mystery that you are.

Remember what I said earlier about women loving mystery? Yes, women love mysteries because it gives them something to work on.

So be a challenge to her and let her work on you.

Because when she does, guess who’s going to have all the reasons to be smiling with total satisfaction all the time albeit secretly?

You bad guy, of course! And also not forgetting the other smaller you – down there too! Right?

But you know you cannot wait forever, or can you?

I doubt.

So here’s one other useless tip guys – please don’t fish in only one place alone. It will serve you right as a guy if you master how to spread your net far and wide. Like they say, there are many fishes in the sea.

I didn't say that. They did. But I know you’d still get my point, right?


You can thank me later.

But for now, I’m out of here.


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