The King Who Does Not Sin

A very long time ago, several years before you and I were born, according to my father, there lived a very narcissist and pompous king who so thought himself to be very important and special that everything had to be about him.

He was so proud and loud. He wanted everybody to recognize him as the best king that ever lived and he wanted every one of his subjects to be singing his praises all the time. He was also a great lover of all the pleasures that this world can offer!

But his greatest problem was that he was the exact opposite of what he preached for he was so full of pretense. In reality, he was such a very wicked man and he was always more than ready to condemn anyone who went against his wishes with no mercy. His word was final.

It wasn’t surprising then that his people came to fear him so much because of his meanness. It got to an extent when the stories of his evil deeds had spread so far and wide that two wise guys decided that enough was enough and it was time to teach that pompous and wicked king some unforgettable bitter lesson.

So they devised a scheme with which they will achieve their goal and they set out to execute the whole plan to the end. This plan was going to become that king’s greatest undoing, they concluded.

So when these two guys landed in that town, they announced and quickly spread the word that they want to make the best dress for the king. They hyped the dress so much by spreading the news that the dress will be so great and perfect and immaculate to the extent that ordinary eyes will not be able to see it for the dress can only be seen by people who do not sin! 

To even make it grander, they even sold the king on the idea of walking through the streets with such wonderful garment on so that so many of his subjects will see him in his glory and majesty!

It was not so hard to convince the garrulous king to agree to their plan. Sorry, I should have told you that the king was also a very vain person.

He agreed to the contract and they started off work. He asked them how much he was going to pay them and they said he shouldn't bother about the price now because they will prefer him to pay them when the superb cloth is finally sown because only then will he be able to appreciate the real value and great masterpiece of a dress that they have specially made for him and only him.


This type of statement made the king to even become more susceptible to the grandiose plot. He was so elated. He asked them when the project will be completed and they told him the job will be done in a week’s time.

He only started to get worried when two weeks later, it started becoming so obvious to him that those guys could not complete the job and he could not understand why this was so.

It crossed his mind to call off the project and tell those two guys to go f**k themselves but the news of the greatest cloth ever to be made was already circulating all over the town and everybody was anxious too to see this very cloth and he couldn’t let the euphoria plus the glory of being the first king in history to adorn that type of garment that would surely come his way, go just like that! He couldn’t help but kept visualizing himself strutting down the streets with that special garment while envious onlookers watched.

So, the king, out of mixture of anxiety and suspended excitement, sent out his messengers to inquire what was holding up the job. These messengers, on reaching there, met with the two tailors.

When the king’s messengers saw the men at work, they were completely flabbergasted. This was because to their utter amazement, these two guys were seriously bent on doing some work, or so it seemed to them because all they could see were just two guys who were bent down and sewing nothing but air!

“What is going on here?” they questioned.

The two guys who seemed to be seriously busy did not even hesitate in their work. They continued to work moving their feet and hands on their sewing machine as if they were passing some material through the needle while stepping tediously on the pedal.

Then after sometime, they paused and seemed to take a break. Then they told the king’s messengers that they know that they are now behind schedule and they want to be as fast as possible in completing the big hand at hand.

This statement made the king’s messengers to become even more flabbergasted.

“What do you mean you are working hard? We cannot see anything going on here! Are you sure you guys are not swindlers? How can you say you are working while obviously nothing is going on here?!”

The two tailors instantly registered their shock, pain and displeasure with that statement from the king’s messenger.

“So, you mean you cannot see this beautiful work we are doing here? Look at all these colorful designs and patterns? Wow! That is quite unbelievable! Are you guys trying to tell us that you are now so blinded by your sins that you cannot appreciate this beautiful work of ours we are laboriously putting up for his majesty, the king? This is serious. You are the first set of people who have the opportunity to see this great cloth while it is still being made and you want us to believe that you cannot see it! The king must hear this. He should be aware that his courtiers are nothing but great sinners!” they threatened the king’s messengers.

The messengers were now terrified. What type of trouble is this? They knew the type of person the king is. If he should ever hear that they were sinners; that will surely spell a lot of trouble for them. He may even get them killed! That was the extent of his hypocrisy!

So without wasting time, they unanimously agreed between themselves, there and then, that they could see the beautiful dress.

“Aha!” the tailors exclaimed. “So you can now see it now? That’s good. But wait a minute…I don’t believe you guys. I hope you guys are not taking us for fools? How can you just begin to see this beautiful dress all of a sudden? That’s quite unbelievable! Okay, you have to convince us now. If you say you can see anything, can you guys just tell me exactly and describe to me what is it that you are seeing…?”

The lead messenger spoke up for the group.

“No, how can you say something like that? It’s not like we didn’t see it at first, I think it’s simply because we didn’t see it so clearly then. But now, we can see that this cloth is so wonderful, so beautiful. In fact, words cannot explain it all. You guys are really good with what you do. I like this part around the shoulders and all those flowery embroidery designs you have put in there. Are you not seeing what I am seeing?” he asked his colleagues.

“Of course, we are! You are so correct!” they chorused in unison.

He continued. “So what we are just after is to know what exactly is still holding up the job and when exactly this wonderful dress will be ready so as to put the king’s mind at rest? Is it money? Do you guys need more hands? Just mention it so that we can get this thing done once and for all…!”

“Easy man. You guys should try to understand us. We are really going through a lot of hell right now trying to get this thing done. We don’t sleep at nights again. In a way, it was our fault because we never knew it was going to take this whole design. Just take a look at the abdominal region. We just want to make it to have a nice fitting so that it will bring out the best shape out of the king. We are carefully making sure no one will notice the king’s pot-belly when he puts on this cloth. Since you guys already know that His Majesty has a very big high taste, you should know that it will not be a very good idea for us if we just put out a shoddy job for him. So we are really doing our best!”

“So what do we tell him now concerning the time frame for the readiness of this his wonderful dress that we are looking at right now?!”

Two weeks. Okay, tell him it’s going to be in a week’s time. Just tell him that in one week time from now, everything will be fine.

The messengers left. They reported to the king what happened. They told the king that those guys are making the most wonderful dress for him.

The king could not believe his ears. But his curiosity got the better of him and he asked them if it was true that the cloth can only be seen by holy eyes. They told him that the most amazing thing about the wonderful dress, besides the fact that it looks so colorful and appealing to the eye, was that it can only be seen by those who do not sin!”

On hearing that confirmation from his men, the king became confused too. How can that be? So he called one of the messengers aside and asked him to tell him, in confidence, the whole truth about that very dress.

“Do you mean you can see it?”


“Are you telling me that all of you saw it? Tell me the truth?!”


“Hmm…So do you think I will be able to see it? Don’t lie to me?!”

Why not?

The king now decided to go immediately and see that dress because he could no longer wait. He set out to go and see for himself. On reaching there, he was amazed to see that those guys seriously bent down in the act of working hard and doing something very serious.

The king was shocked to the marrow. The truth was that he couldn’t see anything. But he couldn’t admit this to himself because ALL his messengers saw it and he knew the implication of that. There was no way those guys could be holier than him! The tailors were even demonstrating to him on how he was going to dress up in that material.

So if everyone could see it, why not him? It must either be that all those guys were mad or it was him that was losing his mind. Once again, it crossed his mind to tell these guys to go to hell but somehow his pride stopped him.

He looked at those guys again and told them that they should continue with their good work they were doing for him because from what he can see, they are doing a hell lot of a wonderfully good job.

Those guys smiled and told him that they really appreciate his commendations.
The king left, a little bit confused, but a little bit pleased…

So he even granted them some more days to continue with the work. It was finally agreed that the work will be completed in a week’s time.

Now it was time for publicity.

The news started to rave that in about a week’s time, the unseen will be seen. The unheard will be heard because the king of all kings is going to be dressed in a robe that ONLY PEOPLE WHO DO NOT SIN CAN SEE and he is going to walk around the whole city for everybody to “see” this wonder – live!

So naturally, it got everyone thinking and talking about what was this robe could possibly be made of, what exactly it is going to look like, will it be possible for anyone to see at least a little part of it and in that case. Some of them even wondered and feared about themselves and how it is going to reflect on how sinful they are.

So the effervescence continued and the story continued to spread far and wide with people adding their own version to whatever version they heard.

Then the D-Day finally came!

The king stepped forward in all his majesty. Those two tailors brought the cloth. They held it up for everyone in the courtyard to view its beauty. From the way those guys were looking, it was obvious to anyone looking at them that they were so pleased with what they have done.

But what have they really done?

Some people who were already gathered at the king’s palace to watch the memorial event from the beginning were actually taken back. Of course, they could see absolutely nothing.

But wait a minute…why is the king and all his courtiers and messenger grinning from ear to ear? Does it mean that they were actually admiring the said cloth? Of course, that must be the only reason why their eyes were glowing.

We knew right from time we were such sinners, they reasoned amongst themselves.

Soon the two tailors motioned for the king to step forward to put on his majestic robe. They asked him to undress, which he did before everyone and soon those guys made some movements over his head as it they were putting the robe above his head and over his neck.

Then they continued with the downward motion as if they were trying to make it fit around his whole body and when they were finally through, they stepped back a little as if to finally examine what they have done.

You should have seen the look of their faces. Their faces were such an amazement to behold. Their smiles were so genuine and everyone could see they were so pleased with whatever it was they have done, from the way they admired the said cloth. When they finally looked up at the king, who was feeling so uncomfortable in his complete nakedness, they asked him to give them his opinion on his wonderful first of its kind majestic robe.

Of course, the king couldn’t see anything apart from his stark nakedness but somehow, it appeared as if his courtiers were appreciating his cloth. He looked into the shocked expression on the faces of those who were gathered at his palace but he misread those looks as that of aura and wonderment.

“You guys did a very good job,” he told them. “I am going to make sure you guys are handsomely settled when I come back from my tour which I think should even commence now!”

Everybody gave him a very big outstanding ovation and they quickly made way for the king to pass for him to start the long historic march throughout the city.

People were already gathered in the streets. Those who were not fortunate enough to have come out on the street on time, tried to catch a glimpse of the historic event from their windows.

Most of those people watched as the king strutted majestically in complete nakedness. Of course, no one could see anything but somehow, everyone kept quiet and kept that thought to themselves and enjoyed the ridiculous sight before them.

People kept on hailing and clapping for the king as he marched from one location of his empire to another. Some people also stared at him just to make sure the king was not going insane because they could not understand why it was so hard for the king to see that he had been played and hoodwinked right from the very beginning!

But the king marched on.

When the king came to another section of the town where people were also gathered on both sides of the streets, one little boy who father had carried him high over his shoulders so that he could also watch suddenly burst into a hysterical laughter.

“Daddy, Daddy…look at the king! Jesus…look at his small pingolo! Your pingolo is bigger than his own o. His pingolo is just like my own!”

Some teenage girls who were standing by couldn't hold back the laughter anymore. The joke was too much for them. They all suddenly burst into serious laughter. Soon everyone joined in the laughter as it became so clear to all of them that those two tailors had really played a very fast one on the king.

What about the king?

Of course, he could not bear the shame. He knew it all along that he was being made the biggest joke of the century. He knew everybody was laughing at him as he bowed down his face in great shame. He knew he could no longer look at any of them on their faces again. Such was the extent of his shock and embarrassment that he immediately ran mad and ran away from the city never to return to his palace again.

Mysteriously, no one ever heard about those two tailors who also disappeared just like they appeared from nowhere but people thanked them for ridding them of the monster of a king who terrorized their lives so much.

So my father concluded his wonderful story. Then in his usual style, he asked me if I learnt any moral lesson or lessons from his story.

Of all the stories he had ever told me, none got my attention like this very one. It was so touching and yet revealing for me. It revealed to me the truth in the statement that really pride goes before a great fall like it happened to the king who had all the time in the world to save his face but still chose to continue in the path of destruction that brought him nothing but shame just because he was pride.
My father’s story also revealed to me how much it is easy for people to be confused by other people’s opinions. 

My father had always encouraged me to always think for myself and see things as they really are and not as I want them to be. He pointed this out by making it clear for me to understand that somehow the king must have known he was naked just like any other person gathered there but somehow, everyone chose to ignore that startling fact that the king was so so naked!

Until that little boy did…

And talking of that little boy, who would have known that my father had such a word right up in his vocabulary? That was the very first time I heard him use the word.

I am not so sure of what he was actually referring to because I was so embarrassed to even ask him, but maybe you should help me ask him when you see him, what exactly on earth is pingolo.


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