10 Reasons Why Nigeria is the Place to Be!

This write-up is a direct response to the views which I recently came across on a very popular Nigerian website. The topic was Why do Nigerians ridicule Nigeria? and here is the link to that very post. You will immediately notice that in that very post, the originator tried to give some cogent but sad reasons why many Nigerians don’t think so much of Nigeria.

Part of the general opinion I got from reading that post was that Nigeria as a country is not worth dying for and this belief stems from the fact that many Nigerians have come to see the nation as something that does not even exist or better still a shabby arrangement that is designed to benefit only those who are in government while the majority of the masses continue to wallow and suffer in a very shocking condition of want.

But I wasn’t entirely satisfied with all that they tried to put across. Granted, it is not all rosy living in Nigeria but does that mean all hope is lost? Does it mean that there is nothing good to write home about concerning this very great country?

Such thoughts got me pondering as I started to make some frantic efforts to prove to myself that the Nigerian situation is not all that bad as people might want to make you believe. In fact, I decided to make an effort to prove to myself that there are some real reasons why Nigeria is actually to best place to be and the result is what you will soon be reading.

The following are the reasons why you should make Nigeria your permanent place of residence as well as your next destination, assuming you are visiting Africa.

You will become a survivor
For sure! Living in Nigeria will quickly transform you into a survivor! You will learn how to cope and adapt to different situations with speed. Nigeria will quickly transform you into a toughie who is no longer easily shocked or forced to panic by all things absurd all thanks to the Nigerian situation.

Austerity measures and global economic or financial meltdown will not set your mind to be constantly worrying about the adverse effects of bad economy and how you will survive because you are already used to it because and you already have an idea how to combat with it, if worst comes to worst!

Mind you, I am not trying to promote suffering but the thing is that I read somewhere that humans beings can actually survive times ten the present difficult situations they find themselves because our survival as humans solely depends on our ability to adapt and our ability to program or control our psyche.

I read stories about Americans who cannot stay for more than one day without electricity and I wonder if those people know that I can and have stayed for more than fifteen days without power!

So what a better way to put yourself to that test other than staying for sometime and testing your endurance capabilities in Nigeria?

In fact, I think when Freidrich Nietzsche stated that what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger, he had Nigeria in mind.

You will have a reason to be happy
Yes, there are so many problems in Nigeria but then, isn’t it a very big wonder or miracle that Nigeria is still rated to be amongst the happiest nations in the world?

Why is that so?

Don’t look any further because when you are in Nigeria, you don’t need anyone to remind you that your happiness is the only thing that matters, and every other thing is just secondary.

You will surely see reasons to laugh if only you know where to look. You will see reasons to laugh at yourself, laugh at your fellow countrymen and women, laugh at your leaders, laugh at the government, laugh at your educational system, laugh at your electoral system, laugh at your belief system, laugh at the high level of ignorance which is exhibited in most places you look at like the recent 'Oga at the top' interview, and even laugh at our ridiculous mix of western and indigenous culture which creates an untold level of dichotomy and confusion of being between and betwixt in the Nigerian.

In fact, living in Nigeria will surely enhance your sense of humor as it will surely help you to learn how to laugh at yourself and your problems. This is because you will surely force yourself to find a way to smile amidst so many difficulties and hard times. 

It’s either that or you just settle into in a life of unending misery…

Ain’t that Greeaaat?!

You will be entertained with politics
Nigerian politics, or better still, politricks is highly entertaining and intriguing. What do you expect when you run a very predictable electoral system whereby the power of incumbency always supersedes? What type of political system do you think you will get when ethnicity and religious background forms the basis for choosing the ‘right’ candidate for any electoral office?

What do you think you will get from a political class that believes that winning is the only way and as such, will do anything to win at all cost?

Interestingly, this same political class only seems to remember that power actually belongs to the people whenever there is going to be another round of general elections when they will come with all those nice promises they came with four years ago at the time of the last election and the electorates, with so much hope(lessness), will still vote for them knowing full well that they will be deceived yet again.

I don’t know about you but as for me, it is a pure satirical entertainment TV game show! Better than anything you will ever see on E!

You will learn how to manage and improvise
You will quickly learn how to do this, once you come to Nigeria. You will find the need to cut spending. You will find how to provide the necessary basic amenities wherever and whenever the government does not.

That is one thing living in Nigeria will surely do for you.

You will learn the importance of conserving your little resources. You will learn how to practice recycling. Let me tell you one secret. So many people have even discovered to make money from doing such recycling things and so can you, if only you sojourn in Nigeria.

You will become an expert in fire brigade approach to life
One interesting thing I like about the Nigerian character is the fire brigade approach to life. Simply put, if it is not broken; don’t fix it!

Even though we are quick to recognize an impending danger or fault or anomaly, somehow, we like to leave things for the last moment.

The only reason I could come up with right now which might explain why we like doing things this way in Nigeria is simply because there is always a rush of blood and excitement that always comes with doing things this way at the last moment, most especially when you still succeed in getting such things done, against all odds, even if the end product is somewhat shabby!

So, in a way, I might just go ahead and say that Nigerians are thrill seekers who always enjoy that adrenaline push!

You will learn how to start your own business
One secret which only the rich know is that you can only become rich and free in the real sense of it, when you run your own business.

The freedom that comes with that package is as a result of the need for one to escape the rat race, for one to become his own man, for one to make all the necessary decisions concerning the destination of his life, for one to create so many jobs for others and most importantly, for one to create so much wealth for himself.

But in Nigeria, one will also have to learn how to start his or her own business even though it is not necessarily for the reasons listed above.

Here, in the face of the massive and threatening high rate of unemployment which no one seems to know how to arrest, you are simply forced to start your own business, take it or leave it!

This might explain why so many Nigerians are seizing this wonderful opportunity and suddenly rushing to become musicians, comedians, actors and actresses, footballers, sportsmen and women, artisans and designers, fashionistas, computer programmers and web designers, writers and bloggers etc.

But the good news is that no matter what you choose as your business, you will still achieve the same successful and rewarding result if you chose your business carefully and execute it well enough because there are so many problems to tackle and more problems should translate to more opportunities for wealth creation, or don’t you think so?

You will learn morals
Believe it or not, Nigerians are highly moralistic. Yes, generally speaking, Nigerians have very high sense of moral standards.

You might have heard that Nigerians are well-known for online scams, frauds, drug pushing with leaders that know how to loot the treasury effectively and so on and so forth.

I am not going to deny it entirely but rather I will like to remind you that there are bad eggs everywhere.

So before you throw away the baby with the bath water when you start believing that every Nigerian you see is a potential criminal, just think again.

Have you really experienced the ordinary Nigerian on the street living his life and trying to make ends meet in the face of so many daily challenges?

One thing you will quickly learn is that Nigerians are so religious, even if it is pretentious, and we don’t normally joke with morals. Things like respect for parents and elders, dedication to one’s family, zero tolerance to teenage pregnancy, adultery and even to a very large extent prostitution and homosexuality are some of the things that makes Nigeria tick.

You will aspire to be great
The Nigerian situation will certainly make or should I say 'force' you to become great or famous or wealthy or just someone so important whom a lot of people will value or look up to.

There is a great adulation for such people, aka stars,  in Nigeria. As long as you are up and doing, a lot of fans are assured. People will not openly care so much about how you made your name or money. They will be more interested in how many doors your name can open and that is something worth looking up to.

But there is also one more sinister reason why you should aspire to be great in Nigeria and it is simply because of the law system which is somewhat biased to favor the rich and the upward members of the society.

Assuming you run afoul of any punishable offence, your position in the Nigerian social strata might have to a lot to do with the type or level of punishment you might get at the end of the day, that is, if any.

If you want to have a clearer understanding of what I am just trying to say, then try and explain to me the meaning of this justice system that can sentence someone who was caught stealing a goat to as little as ten years imprisonment with hard labor of course, and yet gives a highly placed person in public or political office who looted the treasury blind as much as six months imprisonment!

I know what you are thinking but yes, life is not fair! That's Nigerian for you so deal with it. Just make your name. And every other little thing will sort itself out...

You will learn the good, the bad and the ugly
Oh yes. You will certainly learn – something. There is a school of thought that believes that knowledge is neither good nor bad but the application of such knowledge is where all the problems lie.

And I think they might be right. When you live in Nigeria, you will learn how to cut corners, how to get things done fast, know the value of money, know how to bribe your in and way out, learn how to cheat and even get rewarded, learn how to put the name of God into so much profit, learn how to pass examinations or tests with the minimal efforts as the case might be.

You will learn how to stay on the right side of the law, how to stay away from scandals, as well as how to avoid getting caught up and soiling your good name in any illegal activity. 

In fact, if the truth must be told, Nigeria will make you become a genius of some sort, believe me!

You will appreciate the Nigerian Spirit
The Nigerian spirit is the never-say-die spirit that has been enshrined into our consciousness by the hard times and oddities that happen in this country. It can make so many Nigerian to soar up above all difficulties and troublesome times. 

It makes you smart. It makes you to be determined to face whatever surprises that this life throws your way. In short, some people describe the Nigerian spirit as the suffering and smiling mentality!

It gives you the courage to stand against trials and tribulations. This same never-say-die Nigerian spirit is the one thing that has kept the most populous African nation united as one amidst so many threats of division, anarchy, secessions and a repeat of the Nigerian Civil war.

The Nigerian spirit is the mentality that tomorrow will be better because where there’s life, there’s hope. The Nigerian spirit is responsible for Nigerians seeing opportunity where many other people will be focusing on difficulties. The Nigerian spirit is what makes it possible for Nigerians to be able to survive in any part of the world!

This same Nigerian spirit is also responsible for Nigerians being able to withstand and even condone the shortfalls and even excesses of successive governments in the country who have always promised a lot at the beginning  only to end up delivering so little or nothing in the end.

If you understand the Nigerian spirit, then you will understand what made it possible for so many Nigerians to be solely focused on just how to live and enjoy a very simplistic and easy going life. Only then will you appreciate the reason why Nigerians are just so enterprising, always in a hurry and constantly hustling because our only concern is how to make ends meet with all doggedness and determination, against all odds! 

Funny though sadly enough, depending on where you stand on this issue, it is this same Nigerian never-say-die spirit that is responsible for the short term memory syndrome of so many Nigerians.


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