10 Reasons Why You Cannot Save Money

Many people have a problem of saving money. Are you one of such people? Okay, in this piece, I am going to help you find out why you can’t save money.

Are you ready? Okay, in my own opinion, it might surprise you to find out that these are simplest reasons why you are always having problems when it comes to saving some money.

You are an addict
You have a very strong addiction to something. I don’t know what that something is but I believe you know it.

It might be cigarettes, it might be alcohol, it might even hard drugs like cocaine or marijuana, or sex or even virtual “harmless” addictions like video games and surfing the net but the fact remains that that very thing is always punching holes in your pocket and you may not possess the strong will needed to patch that very hole, once and for all, by calling it time with your addiction.

Assuming you are wondering how things like video games, excessive watching the telly, surfing the net could even be classified as addiction, just bear in mind that your time is also your money.

You have a compulsive buying attitude
You just can’t help yourself. Whatever you see that catches your fancy, you immediately feel like owning it and it in the process you start spending money just to satisfy this craving.

It is not your fault that you like these fancy things that you want to possess but then I think it is your fault that you are not able to separate your wants from your needs.

You don't have a bank account
This is one nice way of fighting this compulsive buying attitude we just talked about.

But surprisingly, although it is the 21st century, you don’t even see any need to do this. In fact, you prefer the old way of putting your money under the pillow or somewhere like a hole or even in a safe in your own house completely hidden from prying eyes.

Your reasons might be that you are old fashioned. You need instant and easy access to your money; the banks are not safe anymore as you don’t trust them…

Anyway, you might be right in a way because sometimes, the banks do take your money for one reason or another leaving you messed up like what is happening in this period of global financial crisis.

But I think you have to also bear in mind that sometimes, when it comes to money and the important need for saving for the rainy days, “out of sight, out of mind” is not a bad idea.

You don't understand how money works
In most cases, the one reason why people find saving difficult is just because they don’t understand how money works.

So how does money work?

Good question. Anything that takes away money from your pocket is expenditure. Anything that brings in money into your pocket is an asset. 

The more assets you have, the more money you have.

Your ‘live only for today’ lifestyle
You believe that life is too short to be wasted on bothering about what comes tomorrow after all no one has even seen tomorrow and so you don't even see any reason to do so.

So you spend everything you make on a day in one day.

Granted, it’s your life and your choice hence it doesn’t concern anyone whether you plan or don't plan ahead.

One advice for you: remember when it rains it pours and on that very day, you might have no other option other than to come running in tears to someone who took the pains to save for tomorrow!

Your father is Bill Gates
It’s allowed and we perfectly understand why you can afford not to save. 

Your old man is the shit because he runs Microsoft. You are married to Larry Page or Sergey Brin of Google. Your junior brother is Justin Beiber. Your uncle is Donald Trump. Your cousin is Mark Zuckerberg. Your brother-in-law is Aliko Dangote of Dangote Group.

Simply put, you are already blessed because you were born with a silver spoon so why bother to save?!


You didn’t work for the money
Similar to the fact that you are from a very wealthy background, one other reason why saving might not be attractive option for you is simply because you did not actually work for the money.

Maybe you are a beneficiary of some loot or heist. Maybe you are a fraudster and someone fell victim to your baits and gambits. Maybe you won a lottery. Maybe a distant uncle remembered you in his will. Maybe someone left a suitcase in a taxi and when you opened it, you saw so many wads of banknotes.


Bottom line: it is easy money and one thing with easy money is that is usually a come easy go easy affair.

You are always paying your “tithes”
Yes, you are always paying one form of tithe or another. It might be tithes to your church, it might also be tithes to your lecturers to give you nice grades, and it might also be tithes to your girlfriend or boyfriend as the case might be.

You are so wise and you have discovered it is better for you to start building your own castles in the air, sorry I mean heaven, while you are still on earth. You are so wise enough to recognize that your girlfriend will always be there for you as long as you make the necessary financial investment upfront.

I won’t stop you so clap for yourself because it is only a wise man with a great foresight that can do such a thing.

The only problem I see therein is that as your tithes add up with the 10 percentages, they are not just adding up in your own worldly bank account.

You have a boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, children etc. who depend on you
This one is so obvious. As long as you have any or all of these dependent variables mentioned above, you will find it hard to save.

This is usually because these dependent variables have a way of sucking you dry and you don’t have to complain because they are doing their job.

Besides, we know that there might be some other things they are offering you in return which will never allow you to complain so you are in a quid pro quo mechanism.

You have no money
Funny enough, you don’t have to tell us because we already know that one of the basic reasons why you can’t even save any money is simply because you don’t even have any to save!

Oh oh! Poor you. Ha ha ha!


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