The case of the boy and his temptation

One little boy of about 8 years old had formed the habit of always swimming in their swimming pool. His mother didn't like that as she thought it was a very dangerous activity and the boy could drown.

So she disapproved it. But the boy continued.

So one day she called the boy and ask him why he has refused to heed to her warnings. 

The boy said, "Mummy, please believe me. I have tried to stop but the temptation to swim is too strong for me. In fact, I believe it is the devil..."

The mother now said to him, "Okay, let me tell you what you should start doing as from now. Whenever the devil tempts you to go and swim, tell him get behind me Satan, is that okay?"

The boy agreed.

Next day, when the woman came back from work, she discovered much to her chagrin that the boy has gone swimming again.

Angrily she said, "You stupid and stubborn child. I thought I told you not to go to swimming again?!"

The boy said, " You did mum, but it is the devil again."

"Again? I thought I told you to tell the devil to get behind you?" his mum questioned.

The boy said, "You see mum, I did but then the devil went behind me and pushed me inside the pool."


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