St. Paul's Letter

A 9-year old boy was once called upon by the pastor to read a Bible passage in the church. When the boy opened the passage, he discovered it was a Bible  passage from the Second Letter of Saint Paul to the Corinthians.

Surprisingly, the boy became dumbfounded and couldn’t read the passage again.

The pastor, who incidentally happens to be the boy's father also, became instantly ashamed with him. This was because he wanted to use the same opportunity to show off to the members of his congregation that his son could now read perfectly and that the boy is also an ardent Bible reader.

“Yes, Johnson continue…go on…read the Bible passage for us!” he ordered the boy.

The confused boy hesitated, then looked up to his father and with the tiniest voice which clearly bore a note of fear and dismay he said, “But daddy, have you forgotten that you said I should never read other people’s letters…?”


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