Man-woman Mathematics of Attraction Explained

Oh yes, don't tell me you don’t know this already? Okay, think about it.

It is no longer a secret that mathematically speaking, as from the age of 16 or thereabout, a woman's sexual worth/value or attractiveness to many men is inversely proportional to her age as long as other biological factors like size of breasts, hips, body size and facial beauty remains fairly constant.

But all that can change (in a matter of time) if and only if the woman has got some money...actually, a lot of money meant for spending

Conversely, a man's sexual worth/value in the eyes of many women-admirers is directly proportional to the confidence he manifests as long as other factors like loaded pockets, rich family background, satisfactorily sexual performance, high ambition and even tall physical height remains constant or better still, appreciates uniformly.

Or don't you think so?


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