10 reasons why you I don’t like School

Tell me the truth, do you really like going to school? If yes, why is that so? I know that very soon you will start telling that schooling will teach you discipline, will teach you how to become useful with yourself; will teach you how to mix with people and make friends, become outspoken and fit in the larger society and also become responsible citizens.

You are right in a way but if you check it you can still do all that even if you never went to school.

Which is why I am beginning to question the essence of going to school.

But before you start crucifying me and pointing out to me that I even learnt how to read and write (stupid and crazy things like this very one) from the school, first hear me out.

If I am asked why I don’t want to go to school again, these are what I am going to tell you.

It takes a lot of time
Yes, schooling takes a lot of time. Imagine what I could have done with all those years starting from kindergarten to high school to college or university that is strictly dedicated only to schooling?

Of course, I could have done some serious time sharing and multitasking things and used all that time to learn a trade or even master a very special skill like teleporting, piloting airplanes, ventriloquism, travelling to the moon or even learning how to build and dismantle nuclear warheads.

But I didn’t do that and now I am regretting because I can’t do that now since my cognitive abilities are no longer as sharp as it used to be.

It gives you only a paper in the end
That is one thing I so much hate about school. After everything, they just give you a printed color paper and nothing else.

Why don’t they give me a house? Or a comfy big car? Or a wife or even wives? Or better still an airplane so that I can fly away and visit all the White Houses of this world at will.

What if the papers gets torn or lost or even eaten by termites or used in place of toilet paper by any of my frequently visiting crazy friends, what then will I use to defend that I have spent some two to ten years in an institution learning how to read and write and pass exams?

It can be boring
I have never experienced anything that could be as boring as going to school.
This is usually because it is pure monotony and everything is completely predictable because it follows only one pattern.

You wake up in the morning. You prepare for school. You enter the class. You seat down and listen to the teacher who might also be as boring as hell. Then school dismisses for the day and you pack your bags and go. At the end of the semester, you write an exam.

Which you either pass or fail.

Then you repeat the whole process for so many days until you finally graduate.


The exam process
Talking about exams, I fear exams a lot. The exam process is just another reason why I would have never gone to school had it been that I knew then.

Listen, let me tell you why I don't like exams. I hate exams because it involves lots and lots of stressful and constant over night staying awake and cramming and memorizing.

So much for my poor brain to handle.

But that is not the only bad thing with that. You see, in my own opinion, the truth is that real purpose of exams is to discover those students who were more capable of regurgitating what they have been taught in exactly the manner they were taught and get an A if you are so good in doing this or an F is you are so bad in doing this, no more no less.

Since I am not good in cramming or memorizing, I hope you can now see why I am not supposed to pass my exams with flying colors – without resorting to cheating? 

You take orders from teachers and seniors – and bullies too
As if the boring part is not enough, you still have to take orders you’re your teachers, from principals, from your lecturers, from school functionaries, even from the vice chancellors as the case might be and in fact, any form of seniors.

You have to tow in line. You must be obedient to your superiors and the authorities at all time. No one is interested in whether those superiors are right at all times.

You just have to do this unless you don’t want to be noticed as a stubborn candidate who must be dealt thoroughly with.

You see that word, thoroughly? Beware, it could mean so many things, so many terrible things you won’t even wish to your enemy.

To make matters worse, schools always have bullies!

You only learn what you are taught
Exactly! That is the whole point of going to school. That is why the school system is designed to run by curriculums, syllabus and scheme of work.

You don’t have to go beyond what is stated that should be taught to the students because you don’t have to go beyond what is stated to be taught to the students. It is as simple as that!

The problem there for the student is that since you only learn you are taught, you can easily become programmed. That is to say, a completely brainwashed robot who can only think the way the school system wants it to think!

Nothing is mentioned about those students who can manage the capacity of being taught more subjects. Nothing is mentioned about students who prefer to learn only things that really interest them. Curiosity is not a very good sign.

Everyone is supposed to be judged within the same capacity which might be good for you if you are the type that enjoys that type of competition but not so good for me because I love probing and discovering and learning more about everything in general, and most importantly, I love doing all that at my own pace!

You might not get the job
If the truth must be told, most people go to school because they intend to get a job at the end of the whole process. If you didn’t, lucky for you because that is exactly what I did.

But the truth is that the school system has failed us. It is busy graduating more and more people without actually preparing them for lies ahead in terms of getting the supposed job.

Now the problem with that situation is that because there are so many people now vying for the same position and these people might even be more qualified than you according to that same paper aka certificates I mentioned earlier, you might not get the job.

There is a great pressure to pass
This is also one of the reasons why I don’t like school. There is only one generally accepted way of passing – your ranking at the grading system.

You get a certain grade, you are adjudged a success; you don’t, you failed. But do you know the worst part of the whole thing? It is so easy to fail.

Unless you are a genius or someone who learns very fast or crams/memorizes very well, the truth is that if you don’t want to fail, then be prepared to read and read and work so hard.

Which makes cheating look like a favorable option. Which will then increase the pressure to avoid failing ten times harder.

You may never have the time to experience other aspects of life as a student unless you have already decided not to pass with flying colors.

Simply put, schooling is one of those human endeavors where there are so many ways of failing but just one normal way to pass.

Often times, there is no provision for anything in between.

You might not learn anything
Of course, there is no guarantee that you will even learn anything. That is exactly my grudge. Simply put, you are at the mercy of your teacher. If s/he is not as grounded or knowledgeable as s/he supposed to be, that very smear rubs off on you for a very long time.

You might not learn how to apply the knowledge you have thus acquired. You might not learn anything about how to relate with people to get their assured cooperation anytime you need it.

You might never learn the importance of setting goals and working towards it. You might not learn how to become an entrepreneur. You might as well just be passing your time and enjoying yourself all in the name of schooling.

But anyway, it is allowed as long as you have that beautifully and artistically designed paper certificate I earlier mentioned at the end of day.

It is very costly
Believe it or not, going to school is very costly. Look at all that high school fees that are always on the increase and the higher you climb the academic level, the costlier it becomes.

Look at the cost of training just only one child from nursery school up to university level. Now think of the businesses that could have been set up with that same amount.

I bet you must heard someone saying to your hearing that it is like education is no longer for the poor.

So true.

But do you know the worst part, it is the fact that after going to school and spending all that amount of money, you might not even apply any of the theorems or formulas you learnt from school in real life event.

That’s too bad and that’s one of the main reasons why I don’t fancy the idea of going to school.


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