The Story of A Hunter and A Talking Bird

Once upon a time, in a very faraway country so far from yours, there was a hunter who was catching birds he had already set traps for. You can imagine his shock when one of the birds he had caught started talking to him.

“Wait. Please don’t kill me and I will tell you four things that will make you rich,” the frightened bird said to the hunter.

The hunter on hearing that hesitated for a moment and after giving it some deep thought for some agreed to listen to the bird.

The bird started."First, getting rich principle number one: Don’t allow anything you have to leave you. Don’t let go of it. Is that okay?"

"Why...sure? That’s quite simple," the hunter responded. "Next…"

The bird continued. "Okay the second one, don’t cry over what you cannot get or have...alright...?"

The hunter was becoming quite surprised. These principles were what he knew already but he said, "Hmmm….Okay. I think I can do that. Next…?"

The bird said, "The third is always make sure you listen to what people are saying, think about it properly, and make sure you reason very well before you make your judgment."

The man, flabbergasted, quickly asked the bird why. The bird told him that the reason is quite simple because many people are ready to say whatever they want to say not minding if it is a lie or spurious, just to have their way.

"You should never fall into the rut of ALWAYS making your judgments from what people (will or normally) say," the bird warned.

The man was elated probably because he discovered that those three things were so simple to do and he wanted to hear the fourth and final formula for wealth immediately but the bird refused to tell him unless he releases it.

This, the hunter quickly did.
The bird, now happy to be free, looked down at the man and asked him to tell him the first thing it said to him. The hunter told the bird that it was stated that he should never allow anything that he already has in his possession to go.

“But you just let me go! You see, you had me and now you don’t!”

The man was very much disturbed when he discovered how easy it was for him to break the FIRST rule, just like that!

But the bird wasn’t finished. It cut short into the hunter’s regretful thoughts by reminding him that there is still the fourth lesson to be learnt.

It said to the hunter "Anyway listen, there is a piece of gold in my belly and you won’t be having it anymore because I am no longer in your possession."

On hearing this, the hunter started crying. He couldn't bear the pains from the depressing thoughts of that very piece of expensive gold he had just lost just because of his foolishness and curiosity that made him let go of this cash-bird.

This made the bird to quickly ask the man to remind it of the second principle.

The man remembered instantly and stopped crying. It flashed through his memory: You should never cry over something you cannot have!

It suddenly dawned on this guy how easy it was becoming for him to miss the whole point!

So he stopped crying and told the bird that there was no gold in its stomach. The bird laughed at him and said, “At least you were able to reason that one out…so good luck to you…”

And then it flew away.

That's the story.

If you ever ask my father to summarize this story for you by giving you the moral lessons in there, I can bet that this is what he's going to say to you.

He will say, " You must always learn to hold onto whatever you have." He will tell you that the best place where you can apply this principle is of course on the subject of money. 

He will certainly tell you that doing such a thing will not necessarily make you a miser rather it is just a way of reminding you to always pay yourself first by learning how to save and how to handle money through astute investment of the money you already have.

Knowing my father, I know he will also tell you that the second principle will make you to realize it is of no use crying over what you can never have. He will tell you the implications of doing such a thing. He will tell you that crying over what you can't have will only prevent you from doing what you should do to get what you actually want.

I trust my father and I know he won't fail to also tell you that the third principle is actually the bomb. Look before you leap has always been his motto. He will tell you that there are so many money making schemes splattered here and there every day and everywhere you go and a reasonable person should be concerned because if all those people screaming are really making all that money, chances are they won't even be telling you about them.

My father will tell you that many people are just voicing their opinions but the problem in there is that most of those opinions are not actually coming from personal experience rather they proceed from what is called popular or generalized opinions and any conscious thinking person is supposed to know that “majority does not carry the vote” all the time! 

According to my father, this third principle calls us to think for ourselves ALL THE TIME and to consider all possible angles to a problem before making the big leap. 

I know this man, he loves the word "leap".

My father will also remind you that the biggest problem we may encounter in this life in our daily quest of getting rich is that anybody can easily be taken advantage of if the stoke of curiosity is activated in this person. 

He will tell you that naturally, people are curious and people tend to do very unimaginable things if this curiosity is backed up with a promise of some other thing that is even more interesting in life – money and getting rich especially getting rich quick.

He will always remind you to always watch it before you commit yourself into that fraudulent scam or something like that you may never be able to come out from because it is as as simple as that. 

He will tell you to always make sure you think properly before signing that contract paper so as to make sure that you don’t end up crying for what you cannot have as a result of believing in everything you read on the papers because you might just catch that cash-bird and open its stomach and you find yourself staring down at intestines instead of gold!

I like my father because he's always full of wisdom and he has a way of painting his words very vividly

But as for me, I am not my dad. So, if you ever ask me to tell you the moral lessons in that story, assuming there is any anyway, you know what I will first ask you?

Of course, I will ask you since when did birds start to talk!


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