10 Reasons Why You Won’t Be Rich

Have you ever wondered what those things that the rich seem to know and have managed to keep so secret and out of your reach are? I guess you have and if you have, I’ll further guess that you are not yet rich which explains why you are even reading this because you might be interested in getting rich but then, if you are not yet rich, I’ll even further guess that chances are you won’t be rich.

Because it might already be too late for you.

Sorry but I know that it is good to hit hard sometimes. I will be doing this for a purpose. It is a fact of life that everything we do in this life is directly or remotely connected with either increasing our pleasure/happiness or avoiding pains. I will so much want to hit you so hard to the extent that you will wake up and quickly decide whether you will want to increase your pleasure by becoming rich or otherwise.

Depending on whom you are or rather who you think you are; a combination of any or all of the following is the reason why you won’t be rich.

Care to listen? Okay. Don’t be surprised if you find out that they are actually open secrets because that is exactly what they are. You see, you won’t be rich because:

You don't know anything about money
Can you imagine? You don’t even know what money is and you want to have it. You don’t know anything about money and you are trying to be rich. Don’t make me laugh, please.

Simply put, for you to be rich, in my own opinion, there are just two things you need to know about money. I might just tell you one now so that you won’t go home empty handed.

First, you must know what money is. Listen. Money is the measure of value of goods and services exchanged between people. Did you get that? Value? Goods and services? Exchanged? Think about it.

The second thing you need to know is how money works. Speaking in dummy terms, the money that goes into your pocket becomes your assets with which you can build more money. That which goes out of your pocket automatically becomes expenditure.

If by any stroke of luck or bad luck due to your lifestyle or position in life or other circumstances beyond your control, your expenditure becomes more than your assets, you will not become rich.

You don’t have any talent
If you don’t have any special talent, you won’t be rich. Your talent is that natural or inborn quality or thing you have that cannot be taken away from you. It is that part of you which nature has bestowed on you for you to exploit and easily get what you want with what you have.

The question now is whether you even know that very thing that makes you unique, that very thing that you possess that others might be interested in, those things that draw people to you, those things you always talk about, those things you comes to easy to you, that very thing that only you can do and do so well, that very thing that gives you a lot of happiness and you do enjoy doing it whether you are paid or not.

But it doesn’t end there because some people are already so talented that they become confused and might even end up wasting their talents so I will also have to remind you that you will also have to be aware of those little things and habits that are actually draining away and sucking up your talents away from you.

You don’t have any special skill
Your skills, similar to your talent, are also another factor that can determine whether you will be rich or not. The only difference is that while talent is often natural, skills can be learnt.

And because skills can be learnt, you will only have to blame yourself if you are interested in becoming rich and yet you are not interested in getting skilled or even increasing the skills that you might already have.

For your information, your skills also serve as an avenue for increasing your ability to earn. You can even learn how to become successful just by studying those who already are and finding out those things that they are doing which you might also start doing or even those things they might have missed which you can easily exploit to become even richer.

It’s your choice. But until you embrace that fact and start doing something about becoming skilled, sorry, but you won’t be rich.

You don't want to put in the hard work
Oh yes, you love easy money. Who doesn’t by the way? But what makes your own case even worse is that you are not even ready to put in the hard work that is required for you to become rich.

Such hard work could be in the form of getting more knowledge. It could involve something like getting skilled like we just mentioned. It might become a tedious and hectic task such as becoming an apprentice and study under the tutelage of your guide.

You may also be avoiding making the necessary sacrifices required to put you through. Funny though, what you consider to be hard work might just be that you don’t have enough patience to learn from the masters.


Remember that the problem with easy money is that it is usually a come easy go easy affair. You won’t have to zeal to make anything meaningful thing out of it simply because you won’t feel like there’s any need to do such a thing.

You don’t want to start your own business
You don’t even know that you should do this. You so much depend on the government or your boss always for your take home pay. You don’t know the power of self-reliance.

You have a feeling that you won’t do well in business simply because you think you are not cut out for such thing. Who knows, you might even be one of those who believe that they can only start off when there is a perfect condition.

Maybe you have a wonderful job right now that is keeping you so busy but at the same time is distracting you from the fact that you are not assured of your job security as no one knows tomorrow.

I can understand where you are coming from, if that is your case. Obviously, you like the comfort and security of a paycheck. You are so scared of taking risks plus losing a lot of money and resources, which I admit starting your own business actually is, so you decide to do the wisest thing you can think of which to protect what you have and avoid taking any form of risk?

One word for you: Remember that you can only become truly rich and free from the rat race by working for yourself and getting your money to work for you. Any other thing outside of that, you are making someone else rich.

You think being rich is a sin
Your belief system is also part of the reasons why you won’t be rich. You might have read the passage in the Bible where it was stated that it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God and since then you started hating the idea of being rich with a passion.

If that is your case, please permit me to correct that perception of yours. If you check it, the Bible is not condemning rich people. What it is actually doing is to let you know how terrible it is for someone to have so much attachment to his or her material wealth.

There is also the possibility that you have heard so many times that money is the root of all evil. Once again let me correct that perception. I believe the root of all evil is the lack of money because it is only when you don’t have money that desperation and neediness can lead you into real time temptations.

Embrace the fact now that money is a very important part of our lives and the more you have it and is ready to help others, the better the world becomes.

You don't have a product to market
This is a very important factor that cannot be neglected. You remember when we earlier tried to explain what money is, we said that it involves the exchange of goods and/or service, right?

So you must have a product or products for you to make money and become rich in the process and such a product must be valuable to another individual.
I know that when I mention product you might panic when you discover that it is like you have none of it but wait a minute…are you really sure you don’t have it. Most likely, you are already thinking this way because you are thinking of a physical product to sell.

But your product/s must not be physical. In fact, in our world ruled by information age, the hottest selling products are non physical. You could sell information. You could sell your knowledge. You could sell your expertise. You could market your talents.

It will also be of great importance to mention that you will build your wealth faster if your product is such that it is valuable to so many people and can also be delivered to so many people.

As long as you don’t have something to sell i.e. exchange with someone for value sake, take it from me, you won’t be rich.

You don’t know how to protect your earning from loss
For most people, the problem is not even making the money. Often times, their problems lies in not being able to protect the money they have made from loss.

Such people become easy targets for fraudsters and sharks that are prowling about with the hope of making a killing from their ignorance and/or greed.
You really need to learn how to protect your earnings from losses if you really want to be rich. You need to take more interest in investment stuffs. You need to become more aware of other businesses that you can diversify into such as to increase your earnings also and at the same time produce steady cash inflow for you.

You need to become an expert in identifying real business opportunities as well as scams. You need to find trustworthy and reputation individuals or financial institutions that will enable you to protect your earnings from losses.
You also need to learn how to control your spending by knowing when and how to make such a spending.

You don't value your time
You won’t be rich if you don’t value your time. This is because of all resources that we have, our time is the only one that is given to everyone equally but the problem then becomes how you manage or use yours.

Proper time management is a must if we really want to be rich. You need to learn how to manage and divide your time amongst so many pressing needs or situations that demand your attention.

You should not allow people to waste your time. Let it be known to them upfront that you don’t like your time to be wasted. Let them know that there are so many useful and productive things you can accomplish with your time and make sure you are accomplishing them.

Remember that in whatever you do towards achieving this important goal of becoming rich, do not waste your time because like they say, time is money!

You prefer working hard instead of working smart
In your business, learn how to harness leverage in your business. This will save you a lot of time which is like saving your money too. Leverage will help you to harness the input of other people like ideas and resources into your business for a greater efficiency and productivity.

Check it, if working hard is the best thing, laborers and other unskilled manual workers would be the richest people out there. But it is not simply because that type of work involves the presence of the laborer all the time. If he doesn’t work, he doesn’t eat because he won’t get paid.

Working smart involves aligning your business in such a way that ‘your shop is open’ at all times without requiring your presence at all times. Working smart involves creating products that guarantees you royalties so that you only have to work once and then sit back to enjoy the benefits. Working smart also involves creating residual income from multiple and ceiling-less streams of income.

Working smart is all about identifying and seizing the numerous opportunities that are begging to be exploited so as to give you the wealth and freedom that you deserve.

You won’t be rich if you don’t know how to work smart.


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