The Story of a Man, His Son, and Their Donkey

Once upon a time, in a country not very far from yours, there was a man who wanted to sell his donkey at a faraway market and he told his son to accompany him on the journey.

Soon they both set off for the long journey walking side by side with the donkey. They soon came to a village where the people couldn’t see any reason why the man and his son were walking with the donkey whereas they should be riding on it. They quickly pointed out the ridiculousness of the whole situation to the man and his son which made them to now mount the donkey and continued with their journey.

On their way, they came upon some people in another village who took one look at them and started laughing at them. Those people now asked them if they wanted to kill the donkey before they reached the market because it appears that was exactly what they were attempting to do by the look of it.

The man now reasoned with them and climbed down leaving only his son to be saddled on the donkey. As they continued with their journey, they soon came upon some elderly people who strongly chastised the boy for being disrespectful to his elderly dad.

“What, are you stupid? Do you want your father to die? Can’t you see he’s an old man? It’s like you lack a lot of respect for your elders? C’mon, will you get down from there and allow your father to enjoy his last days in peace!” they admonished the boy.

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The boy had no other option other than to climb down to allow his father who was really wearied from the long walk to saddle on the donkey.

On their way, they soon came upon some group of young guys in another village who took one look at the old man on the donkey and started cursing and abusing the man for his wickedness.

“You this wicked man, how can you allow your son to be walking while you are busy enjoying the ride alone? Don’t you know that you don’t have so many days left before you go and join your forefathers but this boy here still has so many days ahead?”

The man and his son were now completely confused and they didn’t know what else to do so they decided that instead of any of them riding on the donkey, they will rather carry the donkey.

So they tied the four legs of the donkey on a wooden pole and carried it on their shoulders.

As they walked along, they soon came to another village and when some of the villagers saw them, they couldn’t help it but burst into some fit of uncontrollable laughter.

This was the highest height of insanity the villagers reasoned because they could not see how the man and his son could be carrying the very donkey that was supposed to be carrying them.

They immediately pointed out this supposed anomaly to the man and his son.

Now the man was now completely out of his wits. He didn’t know what to do again. As he tried to lower the tied animal on the floor, the poor donkey suddenly started struggling to break free.

This reaction took the man and his son unawares so they lost their grip on the pole and the donkey broke loose and fell into a very deep river beside there leaving the man and his perplexed son in great anguish with a deep sense of loss, disappointed and regret.

Well, that is the story. I suspect you must have heard this story somewhere before, huh?

Now assuming you have or you are even hearing it now for the very first time, let me ask you, what do you think is the moral lesson there?

If you ask my father this type of question, he won’t hesitate to tell you that the moral lesson there is that in whatever you say or do in this life; you should always remember that you cannot please everybody all the time!

Well, you might think my father is right for saying that but let me quickly remind you that he only said such simply because he didn’t hear the end of the story.

You see, according to me, there is no actual moral lesson there because of what happened next.

You see, maybe you didn't hear but this man and the son started to blame and curse each other soon afterwards for their great loss before eventually delving into a very serious and bloody fight in which the old man, somehow, managed to knock off the poor boy’s two front teeth!

So where's the moral lesson in that?!!!


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