Meet Didi

My name is Didi. In our compound where I live, all diz people always see me as a child. From my father 2 my mother down to all our nebors, they are always ready to trit me like a child.

Inishialli, inishialli, initiali, initiallie,  I used to hate it but now, as you will soon see, I am beginning to enjoy the whole tin because of the so many advantages that comes wit that pozition.

My parents normally leave me at home and rush out very early in the morning to go to their various work places. Sometimes, I don’t even see my father throughout the week because he is always up in the morning before I even wake up and he also comes back very late afta aftar I must have dozed off.

So, in a way, I quickly learnt how to fend for myself. It was not an easy task. To help me get thru wit the hole situation, I think my mother had no other option than to rent, or should I say, hire a maid to take care of me in her absence.

This maid called Kate was just the right type of maid I needed. She knew how to pamper me. She knows when I am in need of anything, mostly my food. She knows how to cook too even bettar dan mommy which is also anoda reason why my mommy brought her to the house because my father is a gourmet.

I always like her jollof rice with plantain. She prepares it in a manner that makes my dady to always say something good about her. Sometimes, I think I see a frown across mommy’s face wenevar dady praises Kate but I am not sure.

In my free times, aftar I come back to school, I will engage myself with my homework. Aunty Kate also helped me in solvin my matimatics because she is also good in teaching me how to do addishon and subtraction.

The nebors we have are mostly single ladies and single men. There are only a few other children to pally wit and most of them also stay in their own house and don’t even come out to play wit me.

Thank God mommy brot in Aunty Kate or else…I don’t know what I would have done.

Anyway, the absense of kids to play wit gave me the opportunity to play wit adults who were by so far much older than me.

So it will not surprise you that I started learning things the adult way and as you will later see, I learnt quite a lot! 


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