The case of a fortunate surgeon and his unfortunate victim

A surgeon was operating on a guy in his private hospital. He cut out the guy’s testes and kept the balls on a plate beside the unconscious guy’s bed.

From nowhere, his dog burst in and before you could say “Don’t go there!” the beast had already swallowed the two balls.

The doctor knew this was real trouble.

What was he going to do now?

Anyway he thought fast. He decided to replace the guy’s balls with the dog’s own so quickly he killed the dog and did the replacement job immediately.

And he hoped there was not go going to be any trouble.

You can imagine his shock and surprise when seven weeks later, he looked up from his desk to see the same guy looking down at him.

Out of fear and shock and guilt and desperation and what-have-you, he said to the guy, “What are you doing here? I hope there is no problem, huh?”

The guy laughed at his obviously fearful countenance and said to him, “There is no problem at all. The only thing I have noticed since that your last operation on me was that any time I want to urinate, I just have to raise up one leg!”


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