Brother thief...!

One fateful night, a family came under a robbery attack.

As usual, the thieves normally ask everyone to lie down and close their eyes so that they won’t see their faces.

This very family had so many children who were not yet able to understand the severity of what was going on around them that very night.

Now in most places in Nigeria, if you want to address a male person who happens to be your elder, you normally add the prefix “brother” to his name as a sign of respect for his seniority.

So you can imagine everyone’s surprise when one of the kids aged four started tugging the trousers of one of the thieves to draw his attention.

When the thief looked down and asked him what the problem was, he answered…

“Brother Thief, brother Thief, have you seen that my sister has refused to close her eyes like you told us to do?”


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