Who is fooling who?

A JJC which is a Nigerian slang for Johnny Just Come which is used to describe someone who just landed in a new city came to Lagos which is the biggest city in Nigeria. 

He was completely confused, amazed, fascinated by everything he saw particularly the many tall storey buildings which he has never seen in his life as he wondered in amazement how houses could be erected on top of another house in that order.

Out of fascination or stupidity or both, he started counting the tall storey building he was seeing.

One layabout rogue immediately spotted that this must be a JJC and so he approached him fast to dupe him.

“Hey you there, what do you think you are you doing?!”, the rogue shouted at him in a very loud voice.

“I’m just…just…just…counting these…these…these…sto...sto...storey…storey…buildings…” the terrified JJC stuttered in a very low tone.

“You are in trouble! A very big trouble!”

“Why? What have I done wrong?”

“You are finished today! Don’t you know that counting people’s houses is illegal in Lagos, a criminal act? You must pay today unless I am going to call the police for you right away! For each house you counted the fine is five hundred naira. So how many did you count?” the rogue demanded in a very loud and aggressive voice.

The JJC, out of fear, said ten and the rogue told him his fine was five thousand naira!

He gave the rogue five thousand naira and immediately left the spot.

The rogue on his part was so happy and he said to himself, “O boy, people can be so idiotic! Lord please send more of this type my way!”

The JJC on his part was so happy and he said to himself, “My God! That was a fast one. That guy must be so stupid. Whew! He didn’t know that I have already counted fifty six houses…”


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