Who do you trust?

A Catholic seminarian was travelling to a very faraway town when the vehicle he was in broke down in another town.

The problem was that he knew nobody in that town and it was already late for him to continue with his journey. Besides he didn’t have enough money to rent a hotel room for the night.

Luckily for him, he ran into a commercial taxi driver who, out of human kindness or fear of God or both, volunteered to keep him in his place for the night.

But in Nigeria, due to the reported cases of armed robbery and ritual killings, both of them never trusted each other, although neither voiced out his opinion to the other person.

The seminarian was like, “Father Lord, you know I am your servant. Please don’t let me fall into the hands of ritual killers who might be masquerading as commercial taxi drivers…”

The taxi driver was like, “Father Lord. You know that I am your children and I am only trying to do your will which you commanded us to do when you told us to that whatsoever we do to the least of our brothers, that we do unto you so please don’t let me fall into the trap of armed robbers who might be masquerading as seminarians with their white garments…”


So when they finally arrive at the taxi driver’s place in the night. He taxi driver offered the to sleep on the floor while offering the seminarian his bed as a sign of a good host but the seminarian gently refused and said that he would rather sleep on the floor.

This is what eventually happened.

Throughout the night whenever the seminarian on the floor turned in his “sleep”, the taxi driver on the bed will also turn in his own “sleep” and vice versa.

And they kept on turning and turning and turning...

This was because none of them was actually asleep!


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