When greed meets with indecision

Three people - a Japanese man, an American lady and a Nigerian man were flying in a plane. As they flew over Saudi Arabia, an Arabian genie suddenly materialize from a lamp and told them to wish for any one thing they want just by saying it and it will be granted immediately.

Happily the American lady said she wanted a sleek and powerfully designed fast moving latest Maserati and immediately she found herself inside a neat Maserati coupe.

The Japanese guy said he wanted the latest Sony PS3 with a 50-inch Panasonic Viera plasma and immediately he found himself with those things.

But the Nigerian guy found it so hard to say what he wanted.
This was mainly because he wanted so many things and he couldn't prioritize. He wanted money, he wanted good health and long life, he wanted mansions and he wanted children. He wanted fame and power, and he also wanted women and worse still, he wanted all of them at the same time.

So out of confusion and indecision, he said, “oh! Shit!”

And instantly, he landed on shit!



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