Look before you leap!

A very bad man died and consequently he went to hell. There were three halls in hell and he was supposed to choose where he was going to be docked forever.

So the devil assigned to him started showing him around the whole of hell to make his decision.

As he was being led, they came to the first hall, all the souls there were standing on their heads on a cemented floor.

He said he didn’t like that choice.

He was led to the second room. All the souls there were once again standing on their heads but on a rough wooden floor.

The bad man, thinking that it was too harsh, said he didn’t like that option too. “How can someone be in that position forever?” he thought to himself.

He was then led to the third and final hall.

To his utter amazement, he noticed that there were so many people in there, in fact, they were five or more times higher than the number of people he saw in the other two halls put together and they were standing upright on their feet and they were drinking tea.

The only small problem was that they were standing on shit but he didn’t mind at all so he said to his guardian devil, “this is the place I want to stay.”

And so in he went and the gates closed behind him.

Moments later, the prefect of that hall came out and said, “Okay guys. Tea time is over. Back on your heads…”


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