Things children do...

A young girl aged 9 and two other small boys of about the same age went to pluck some ripe mangoes from a mango tree.

When they reached the tree, the girl who liked climbing trees elected to climb and do the plucking while the boys will do the picking.

The boys agreed.

Just as the girl was about to climb up, she remembered something very important. So she retraced her steps and started removing her pants to the amazement of the two boys.

They asked her what she was doing and she replied them by saying, “My mother told me that I should never allow boys to look at my pants. And I know you two will surely look at it so that is why I am removing it!”

The two boys suddenly became so excited.

One of the boys even added, “In that case, I suggest we should be plucking mangos everyday!”

9-year olds!


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