Joshua in Jerusalem...

There was this little boy who always wanted to join his parents in whatever they were doing most especially whenever any of them wants to bath and if they refuse, he will raise hell and kick up dust by wailing uncontrollably.

So the parents finally agreed to allow him after all he was just a lil boy.

So on the first day, he followed the father in. And of course he noticed the man’s big thing.

Being in that curious stage where everything fascinates, he pointed at the thing and innocently asked his father what it was called.

The father didn’t know what to say but when he remembered that the boy was always attending Sunday school, he told him that it was called joshua.

On the second day, the curios boy followed the mother in and you can imagine his surprise when he noticed that his mother had no joshua

“Mommy, you don’t have a joshua!”, he exclaimed excitedly while pointing to the exact spot where the joshua was supposed to be…

The mother didn’t actually get what he was saying but she still corrected him by telling him that hers was called Jerusalem in line with the all things Sunday school system of teaching.

One fateful night, the boy crept into the parents’ bedroom and it happened that they were making love and they didn’t notice his presence.

And when they finally did, they wondered at what stage he came in and what he did or did not see and so, out of a combination of shock and embarrassment, the father blurted out, “Junior?! When did you come in here? And what did you see?!”

“Daddy, I came in here when joshua entered Jerusalem the first time. And I saw that mommy started to cry when your joshua started moving quickly in and out of her Jerusalem!” 


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