Why many were called but only one was chosen - to be punished!

OK, so you heard there was once a rich man who was organizing a very big wedding party for his first son and he invited so many of his friends to come but they kept on giving one excuse or the other why they couldn't make it to the party as agreed.

The rich man was now totally disappointed so he threw his gates wide open to the public so that anyone who wants to attend can attend the wedding party.

Now, one guy who was not wearing the wedding dress was among those who came in and as you must have read or even heard, he was made to suffer for this.

And my question now is why?

Here, let’s digress a little…

Tell me truth, don’t you think it was a little bit odd and harsh for this guy to have received that type of punishment he got as in being beaten, chained and thrown into prison like a common criminal even though he was attending the wedding just like anyone else after all,

(1) He was just as an opportunistic invitee and

(2) He never planned to go for the wedding party, so in a way if the truth must be told, he was even doing the rich man a favor by honoring his impromptu invitation, something his rich friends couldn't even do for him.

So from the way I see it, everything points to the fact that the rich man was a very harsh man from the way he maltreated this unfortunate guy who made the mistake of his life by honoring his invitation, or don’t you think so?

If you reasoned like that, then you are not alone. That was what I also thought — initially. But I now know that there is more to that story. You probably thought so because you didn't hear the whole story so listen now let me now tell you what really happened.

Are you listening? Attentively…? OK. This is what really happened and how it all went.

When everybody was invited to the house, the house became filled to the brim and everywhere was bustling with activity and noise as the party gradually swung to life with so many people mingling and moving up and down around the whole house, some dancing to the loud music while some were so busy helping themselves to the sumptuous banquet the rich man had prepared and the assorted drinks he has also lavishly provided for them.

So when the rich man was passing along the kitchen, he happened to hear a very familiar and unmistakable sound of giggling and low tone murmurs and moans, and being an experienced man in such things, something just flashed through his mind.

Was it or was it not? How can it be happening? Right inside his own kitchen? No, it can’t be possible!

He thought his mind was playing him and since his curiosity will not let him be, he decided to check it out to see for himself what was really going on in his kitchen whereas everybody was supposed to be in the party arena.

To his greatest amazement and shock, he saw this scrawny man who was wearing no wedding dress holding down his very pretty second daughter in something that looked like a fight only that it was no fight because the girl was not complaining neither was she resisting. She was even the one that was giggling!

Her skirt was bunched up while the man’s busy fondling fingers had already disappeared under those skirts. The rich man took a one sharp look at the man’s jeans trousers which was now almost unbuckled and hanging loosely around his waist, recognized that outstanding stiffness in the front of the man’s trousers which confirmed his initial doubts.

What the f--k?! In my own house?!Look at someone, I mean this measly looking peasant, whom I just invited for a party to feed and next thing you know, look at what he is trying to do to my daughter. And the stupid girl was even enjoying the whole thing…damn it!

But the worst part was that they were so deeply engrossed in their lustful foreplay that they did not even notice his presence.

Angered, he quickly approached them and landed a very heavy and dirty backhand slap on the back of the man’s head before following it up with another open-handed hot slap which landed on the man’s right cheek.

Completely stunned and dazed, the young man quickly tried to recover from the shock by recollecting where he was. Out of shock, he quickly disengaged himself by pushing the girl away forcefully which sent her sprawling to the floor, the he hurriedly fastened his belt around his waist with his belt and quickly made straight for the door.

But the rich man was not done yet. Quickly, he rushed out of the kitchen first before the lecherous young man could escape through the door and locked the door behind him. He then ordered his guards to move in and seize the man. He ordered them to tie him up. He made sure they beat him up thoroughly and severely. Then he ordered them to throw him into prison as a way of teaching him some unforgettable lessons.

But he had to explain his actions to all the people who were gathered who heard the loud wailing coming intermittently from the suffering man each time the whip landed on his bare buttocks.

So he simply told them that the man was just being punished for dishonoring his invitation by not wearing a proper wedding dress.

And the people believed him and continued with their partying.

Adapted from the Funny Shady Bible Stories You Were Never Told


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