Who is to be blamed?

A woman was watching from the window when another man who lived nearby returned from a very long distance journey.

His children ran out with total happiness to greet and welcome him back.

Trust children, in their usual boisterousness and innocence and in their ever running mouth nature, they couldn’t wait for the man to get his breath back before they started bombarding him with the latest gist and happenings in their house.

The first said, “Daddy, mommy is cooking rice and stew-lo!

The second said, “Daddy, daddy, mommy finally bought me that dog-lo!"

The third said, “Daddy, daddy, daaddy, look at my teeth. It has fallen off-lo!

The woman who was watching from the window was disturbed and felt sorry for the man and so she called the man aside to talk to him.

“Excuse me Mister John, but don’t you think it’s high time you teach your children how to pronounce well so that they won’t grow up speaking horribly like that?”

To which Mister John said, “I think you are saying the truth-lo!”


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