On money issues, debts and debt collection…


  1. You can attempt all questions.
  2. Always remember that there is a very big difference between doing the RIGHT thing and doing the BEST thing because circumstances can affect your bias. In other words, no answer is better than the other.
  3. You are free to start now. 

What! You didn't hear me?! I said START!

1. You owe someone and on the D-day, s/he comes to collect the money. What is the best thing to do?

a.Jump through the window in your backyard immediately you see this person.
b. Tell the person that your father’s brother who is your mother’s elder cousin died on that day.
c. Tell the person to give you just one more day and if the person refuses, you start a fight.
d. Pay up and then ask for another one immediately!

2. You are a guy in a bus and the pretty lady beside you suddenly starts looking for her purse for the money to pay for the fare. What do you do?

a. Feign ignorance by acting as if you don’t even know what is going on with her.
b. Start laughing at her for being so careless and/or foolish.
c. Gnash your teeth and wave your fist in her face and as a warning for her to stop giving you that accusing or suspicious look or else.
d. Pay for her and then collect her number or give her yours to call you later for the refund.

3. You notice someone’s money falls out of his pocket. What do you think is the best thing you should do?

a. Call his/her attention but it’s only because you have just discovered that it’s just a small sum of money.
b. Call his/her attention and tell him/her that you just saw someone take the money that has fallen from their pocket even though that someone is you!
c. Call his or her attention, then hang around to see if he or she will give you some and if he or she only says thank you and makes to walk away, you grab him by the tightly by the collars and demand for your own share.
d. Pick the money and run away as fast as your legs could take you.

4. Someone gives you a currency note for you to split it for him into smaller denominations. What should you do?

a. Take the money, smile to this person, say thank you, fold it and tuck it away inside your pockets and then you walk away.
b. Split it into smaller denominations, take some for keeps and tell him they are your commission charges.
c. Tear the money into pieces and tell him or her that after all, tearing is still dividing.
d. Promise the person to come back tomorrow to collect the smaller denominations since you will be waiting for him at the same spot and at the same time, unfailingly.

5. Someone owes you and you went to his place to collect your money and he is still shying away from paying you back. What is the best thing to do?

a. Beg him to in the name of God to pay up.
b. Knock his teeth out.
c. Take some local thugs with you to beat the living hell out of him.
d. Run away when he brings his dogs out.

6. You went into a grocery to buy some stuff. You discover you have no money to make the payment. What then do you do?

a. You just grab the stuff and run away.
b. You beg the cashier to pay for you with a promise to come back to pay later.
c. You pay them with fake currency.
d. You simply start acting mad so that they will push you away – with those items, of course!

7. You are the manager of a bank and your depositors want to collect all their money. What do you do?
a. Tell them that there is no money and threaten to call the police for them if they start uproar.
b. Lock the banking premises.
c. Fake a criminal bust-up so that they won’t trouble you again.
d. Increase the withdrawal charges so as to discourage them from withdrawing.

8. You happen to be the governor of a state in Nigeria. Your workers are threatening strike action unless you increase their pay. What is the best thing to do?

a. You threaten them back with “no work; no pay” ultimatum.
b. You beg them to come back to work before you listen to them.
c. You simply acquiesce to their demands only to increase their tax two days later.
d. You simply tell them to “go to hell” or “do your worst”.

9. You are a student and you have spent all your school fees in some other things that are not related with your academics. Now your sponsor who gave you the money is demanding for an explanation. What do you say to him?

a. You simply tell him that you used to money to bribe some of your lecturers to give you a better grade in some of your courses.
b. You tell him that you gave the money to money doublers to double it for you.
c. You simply tell him that you gave a donation to the church for God’s guidance, protection and wisdom.
d. You tell him that the money was stolen in your dreams and now you have every reason to believe that dreams do come true because now the money is gone – stolen – in real life!

10. Someone makes a payment to you but you just discovered s/he actually   overpaid. What do you do now?

a. You take the extra and thank your lucky stars.
b. You spend the extra money immediately so that it won’t be traced to you.
c. You buy something for the person from that extra just to reduce your guilty conscience.
d. You return the extra to the person and tell him/her to do something for you so that you won’t go home feeling like a fool!

     Good luck!


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