Don’t ever underestimate anyone...

Let me tell you a small story. I believe you must have heard that story about that cap merchant who got tired in a forest and fell asleep beside a tree full of monkeys? The man left his baggage beside himself to answer the call of nature (OK, not that type of call of nature, just ordinary sleep).

The monkeys came down from the tree, opened his bag and possessed the entire caps they could find inside the bag.

The reason why they did this is what I will never know.

When the man woke up, he discovered what these mischievous monkeys have done to him. In anguish he removed the cap he wore and threw it down while swearing at the monkeys.

“Take this one too you wicked and mischievous animals!” he swore at the monkeys.

Anyway, these monkeys were having their best moments. They were keenly observing this man. When they saw the man drop his cap, being natural copycats, they threw down their caps too. The merchant was surprised at his luck. He just bent down, picked all his wares and put them back into his bag, he thanked his stars and away he went.

Monkey business
I believe you must’ve heard this story somewhere… at least up to this point and I believe that is where the story ended for most of you who have heard the story before?


Actually the story never ended there because many years later another cap merchant was passing through the same forest and he got tired and fell asleep at exactly that same point beside the same old tree.

I tell you, in this type of stories, these things, I mean coincidences like this do happen after all nothing is impossible!

Well, the truth is that this same merchant happened to be a grandson to the first merchant you heard about earlier on in the part one of this wonderful story. Do you now see what I meant when I said anything is possible?

This merchant must have heard about the encounter between his grandfather and the monkeys in this forest sometime ago in the past most likely from his grandfather. To be frank with you, I think this our present day cap merchant actually set out to test what his grandfather told him.

You know…?

Well, when he woke, he discovered (though not to his complete amazement, I believe) that all his caps were gone. The monkeys have taken possession of the caps once again just like they did to his grandpa. So in a 'fake' anguish, our merchant threw his cap down while swearing at the ever mischievous monkeys.

“Why don’t you crooks come and take this one too?!” he lambasted at the monkeys.

That was when the head monkey (assuming there is actually anything like that) came down from the tree. He grabbed the cap which the man threw down then he walked up to the merchant and there and then…

Gave him the three hottest slaps of his life!


A different ball game now, you say? Maybe…

The head monkey looked ferociously at the merchant who was still seeing colorful stars everywhere and said to him, “You idiot! You think you are the only one who has a grandfather?”

Well that is the story! Wonders, they say, shall never end!

But did you get the point of the whole story?

OK. If you ask my father that type of question, he will most likely respond by saying something like this to you:

Never underestimate these three things:
(1)         Your opponent’s abilities;
(2)         Your opponent’s cunning and
(3)         Your opponent’s experience

He might also add that you should never overestimate them either because if you really check it, your adversary is never as powerful as you may think he is. 

Neither are you!

Well, that’s my father.

But if you ask me if I got the point of that monkey story, this is what I will definitely tell you:

Listen. Don’t you ever underestimate anyone because he might slap you three times in the face!

Ha ha ha!


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