A shady account of what really happened between Potiphar’s wife and Joseph?

I believe you still remember the story? Ok, just a refresher, just in case you never heard...

Joseph, aka Joeboy was such a handsome young slave. He was sold into slavery by his brothers who were so jealous of his father’s love for him.

They even wanted to murder him in cold blood but he was saved by their eldest brother who applied his number six and convinced them that it would be better if he is sold into slavery.

Such brothers? But do you blame them, won’t you do the same? I mean, this is a very small boy who was always telling them about his daily hoax dreams where he is made the lord and them, the servants…

So it wasn’t so hard for them to become filled with anger which quickly translated to hatred which then translated into murderous rage when it was obvious that his father’s love for him was something else…

Back to business, you know this story is not entirely about Joeboy.

You see, by some stroke of luck, Joeboy landed in Potiphar’s house. Potiphar happened to be a no-nonsense military officer who liked his job of issuing orders more than anything else…

Even to his own detriment!

Because why he was out trying to help pharaoh defend the Egyptian territories from external aggression while maintaining peace and order, he was unable to protect the internal aggression that was the high level of lustful libido and impure thoughts that was building up as well as attacking his dear wife from within, and infesting her mind all the time.

So it wasn't long before she noticed this young and handsome slave in the house.

Joseph was a very strong guy. At his age, his muscular body has started to show. He was also very hard working and his focus and dedication was on his business of managing his master’s house to the best of his abilities.

And he was doing it so well. On top of that, he was a sex bomb and much more handsome that many of the sloppy Egyptians guys around…

What else can any woman ask for in a man? Most especially a lonely horny woman.

So one day she invited Joeboy into the living room.

Now let me tell you something you may have never heard or considered before. All the time, she was ogling at Joeboy, the guy knew. He had seen her on most occasions looking at his muscular chests and forearms but was always quick to look away whenever their eyes met.

So when she invited him in, should I say the boy was not entirely surprised?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Before long, the woman started the seduction game. She started exposing some flesh here and there, telling Joeboy to do this and do that for her as well as touch her here and there without any sense of purpose. 

Before you know it, Joeboy was kinda stuck.

Then she completely bared her body and then all the haze fell off from Joeboy’s eyes instantly!

“What the F***?!”

Joeboy was like “What nonsense was this? Is this what the clothes has been hiding?”

One look at the fallen pair of slippers that was supposed to be breasts, some unsightly stretch marks all over the place and those bumps of loose stomach flesh and the boy knew that in a battle of lust and disgust, it won't be very hard for any sensible man with a bright future should also apply his senses by removing all lust at once!

He lost all lustful apprehensiveness and quickly made for the doors. The woman had earlier locked the doors. So he made for the windows. He managed to squeeze himself out but not before the woman was able to grab him to come back.

He jumped out but the lady succeeded in grabbing hold of his shirt which she now presented to her husband as evidence against that horrible slave boy.

Potiphar, the Egyptian, was in a fix so he knew he had to act the man. He knew that if Joeboy was allowed to stay in the house, people may get to hear the correct version. Don't be mistaken, he knew why has been avoiding his wife under the guise of keeping busy at work. He also knew that there is always a chance of this type of story repeating itself and who knows what might happen then. 

But then he also knew that it was not good to deal with someone who has served you so well as this slave boy especially since he silently doubted the wife’s story after all he knew the real reason why he has been away almost all the time, connected with his absence from the house…

He did the wisest and most reasonable thing he first came on his mind. He quickly threw the poor boy into prison.

Adapted from the Funny Shady Bible Stories You Were Never Told


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