The foolish wise old man!

An illiterate old man who was living in a very remote village in Enugu was visiting his son who living in the big city of Lagos, for the first time.

His son had earlier written down his Lagos residential address for him on a piece of paper with the instruction to ask anybody for the place for proper direction anytime he arrives.

The old man, true to his age and sense of good cultural background, decided to take a cock as present for his son with him.

On the appointed day, he took the cock and boarded a bus and headed for his son’s house.

But something happened…

When he arrived at the final destination, as he was about to alight from the bus, his cock suddenly escaped and ran away.

People around tried to capture the poor bird for him but to no avail.

You can imagine their surprise when the old man suddenly burst out laughing.

They were like, what’s so funny?

To which the old man, with tears dripping from his eyes from excessive laughter said, “Don’t mind that foolish cock. It has forgotten that I am the one with the address!”


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