The case of the angel and the greedy man

There was once a village where two men lived. These two guys were living in the same compound. Both of them were poor. They were in same business of felling down trees for people who wanted such services. Yet both of them strongly believed that tomorrow will be better because they always dreamt of making it big one day!

The only thing I can say they have in difference is that while one of them is so humble, the other is very greedy.

Now this is what happened to them.

One day, the humble one was busy felling down some trees. There was a river by the side and he was really tired out of the fact that it has been quiet since he had a nice decent meal.

Poor guy. But he had hope. Little did he know that today was going to be the day...his day.

So as he continued felling down the trees with ebbing energy, it was no surprise when he lost his grip on his old axe and the axe fell into the river!

Poor guy. Now he had no hope.

How on earth was he going to work to eat again? He was not even going to be able to borrow from his neighbor or someone else for that matter. He was really in a fix and what will he do now?

In a terrible anguish, he started to cry. And his cries reached the ears of the Gods and they decided to answer him that day.

From nowhere, an angel materialized from the river and asked him what the problem was.

The man wiped his tears and explained his sad situation to this angel amidst intermittent sobs. The angels now asked him if he will be able to identify his axe if he brings it out from the river for him.

To which the poor guy answered with an emphatic yes.

One moment the angel disappeared and reappeared with a shining golden axe. He asked the man if it was his own. The man didn’t hesitate. At once he said it wasn’t his.

The angel disappeared again and reappeared with another shining silver axe. The guy once again said it wasn’t his and the angel disappeared once more.

When the angel finally emerged with an old axe, the poor guy cried out immediately that that was his.

The angel was touched by the man’s truthfulness and immediately he gave the man the two shining golden and silvery axes. He also gave him a heavy bag of gold coins and told him that he should rejoice because his prayers have been answered.

Then the angel disappeared.

The man, with hearts filled to the brim with joy and happiness, started heading home to announce his good fortunes to his neighbor. Remember I told you this guy was greedy but you can now add jealous to his list. So without even hearing the whole story from the lucky guy, he happily excused himself and left.

He was so gladdened but it was not because of his neighbor’s success. Finally, he knew exactly how he was going to get his own breakthrough! He was going to try his own luck!

Two weeks later, he decided today was the day. Immediately he ran out to that same river and dumped his old axe into the river and started wailing immediately.

Three hours of wailing and nothing happened except that he was beginning to develop some serious headache. He was also getting furious because he started to confirm his suspicions that the first guy was being economical with the whole truth of what really transpired and how he got rich that quick…

His thoughts…

I mean, how on earth will an angel come out from a river and make such golden presentations? In fact, who has even seen an angel, as a matter of fact? There and then, he made up his mind to ask his neighbor to tell him who he really robbed or killed and how he managed to do it all without anybody suspecting.

He was just about to turn back and go home to accuse the rich guy when an angel materialized from the river.
Wow! Maybe that guy was saying the truth! And that means that there’s hope.

So when the angel asked him what the wailings and hullabaloo was all about, he narrated to the angel his dire situation, how poor he was, how badly he needed that axe to allow him to continue to work, how unable to feed he was going to be if his axe is lost forever, how he wished he will just meet someone who will give him a bag of something like gold or something like that...

So the angel asked him if he will be able to recognize his axe if he sees it. To which he answered yes. The angel disappeared in the water and materialized with a shining golden axe and asked if it was his.

One look at the shining golden axe and his mind started to spin. He started imagining how much he was going to make if he took this axe. He started imagining how he was going to boast to all the people who will start asking questions in amazement concerning his sudden richness…

The feeling was as comforting as it was exciting.

So, he nodded at once and  exclaimed, “that is mine!”. Then the angel told him to come and get it.
As he stepped forward and stretched his hands to collect his prize, the angel suddenly dropped the axe and grabbed him fiercely and tightly by the throat. 

Next thing you know, the angel roughly grabbed him by the neck and started  slapping him heavily, headbutting him, uppercutting and jabbing him here and there, like a professional no-nonsense boxer who means business. In fact, the angel was attacking him in all manner of martial arts tactics you could ever imagine an angel could possess.

Had it not been for his greed-infested mind, he would have noticed earlier on the annoying anger that was spitting from this angel’s eyes but he still got the message alright with the beatings!

Indeed, it was a terrible sight to behold. It was a mauling. The man was really battered physically and emotionally as the blows kept raining down…

Little did the greedy man know that at that time he was bailing and wailing, the angels were having their siesta so it was such a disturbance for them.

And on top of that, the man turns out to be such a bloody liar!

When the man finally got the chance to escape, he really ran as fast as his legs could carry him. He had to do this because as soon as the angel let go of him, he went underwater to locate the man's old axe and when he later materialized, he angrily flung the axe after the battered man who was already fast running away for his dear life, with such an amazing but impressive speed!


Greediness doesn't pay. All liars will perish. My father will tell you all that while slowly shaking his head.

As for me, while shaking my own head too, all I can say to you is that you should learn now never to ask for trouble by disturbing a sleeping angel from his sleep because he might mercilessly beat you to death, if care is not taken.


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